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Sponsored by SIX national student affairs organizations, TPE is the one stop shop for student affairs positions.

Whether it is your first job in student affairs, or your next step up the organizational ladder, your search for a new and exciting future begins here.

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STEP 3) Decide to attend the TPE Onsite Interview Conference in New Orleans in March 2015. (Some employers choose to only display full descriptions to individuals attending the onsite event).

Whether you will be attending The Placement Exchange: New Orleans '15 or if you are job searching on The Placement Exchange Online, click here to create your profile now!


The Placement Exchange is a partnership of NASPA, ACUHO-I, NACA, NODA, ASCA and AFA.
NASPA, ACUHO-I, NACA, NODA, ASCA and AFA do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, affectional or sexual orientation, or disability in any of its policies, programs, and services.
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