8 Things to Be Thankful For

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Here are a few things to include in your list of what to be thankful for during this holiday season and throughout your professional journey.

  1. Spell Check. Whether or not you were a great speller in school, no one will be the wiser if you utilize the spell check feature for all of your written work. 
  2. Thesaurus. Vocabulary not your thing? Keeping statements simple is best. However, it's nice to show your depth and insight through alternative words that help get your point across.
  3. References. It behooves all of us to create the best experience within each of our relationships. You never know when you need someone to vouch for you in order to have a shot at a great opportunity.
  4. Cover Letter. A supplement to your resume and an effective tool used to convey your purpose, mission, and accomplishments through a traditional letter.
  5. Writing Sample. Evidence of your great writing skills. In addition, it helps sets the the anticipation of your great oral communication skills.
  6. Colleagues. The people who can share experiences, perspectives, and outcomes of their own career journeys. These stories can help you organize your thoughts, expectations, and next steps in your own journey.
  7. Networking. The opportunities to build a rapport with new connections as well as deepen and expand ties with colleagues and mentors.
  8. Professional Associations. Organizations that help you along your career path to help determine the best fit for your passions, skill set, and purpose to serve others through a niche within the Student Affairs profession.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Placement Exchange to you and yours.

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