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Like our sponsoring organizations, ACUHO-I and NASPA, TPE shares the heartbreak and outrage felt by our student affairs colleagues as we all mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black people killed because of racism and hate. We acknowledge that these tragedies reflect long-standing racial injustice within our nation. We also recognize that our Black colleagues are exhausted and scared, and need space to grieve. Finally, we know that privilege and oppression exist everywhere - in our communities, on our campuses, and amongst our profession.

Going forward, TPE will offer more educational resources designed to actively combat racism in the job search process, including topics around explicit and implicit bias in hiring, what “professionalism” really means, and how representation matters. We also will create spaces for practitioners of color as they navigate the job search process, and actively challenge our White candidates and employers to learn about, advocate for, and enact inclusive hiring. 

Here are the statements condemning racial violence from TPE’s sponsoring organizations: 

ACUHO-I Statement

NASPA Statement About Racial Violence


Brenda Ice
2020-2021 TPE Committee Chair
Assistant Dean, Director of Campus Life at Scripps College

Dr. Kirsten Fox
Director, The Placement Exchange (TPE)

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