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  • Wellness is Wonderfully Wise

    This whole job search thing moves fast! And, it can be quite exhausting. So, I’ve found it to be highly important to take care of myself and attend to my wellness through this journey.

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  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

    It’s important that you conduct extensive research about the school. Remember that you are interviewing the school as much as they are interviewing you. Here are a few reminders as you move to the next phase of your job search!

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  • 25 Tips for #SAGRADS Navigating the TPE Onsite Event

    TPE Onsite is here! Like many other grads gearing up for TPE Onsite in San Antonio, I’m nervous and anxious. Know that we’re all going to do great! There are more than enough positions for everyone. Here are a few tips and advice to navigate the TPE Onsite event.

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  • The Personal Experience: Defining What “TPE” Means to You

    The Placement Exchange, better known as TPE, is just six days away! Those three letters “T”, “P”, and “E”, carry a variety of emotions for candidates, previous candidates, and even for the employers involved! While we can be met with feeling nervous, excited, or an odd, ever-changing mixture of the two, it’s important to remember that we have the potential to shape this experience for ourselves.

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  • 10 Things To Do After TPE Onsite

    TPE is an amazing, exciting, anxiety-producing experience. Completing even one interview at TPE Onsite is a feat worth celebrating! Take time to be present and acknowledge your accomplishments as you wrap up your TPE experience. Remember the quest for that perfect opportunity does not end with The Placement Exchange. Here are a few things to consider doing after TPE Onsite, in no particular order.

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  • You Made it to San Antonio! Now What?

    The countdown for TPE Onsite 2017 is officially underway and people will begin traveling to San Antonio in less than a week. What some people forget to plan for is what to do once you arrive in San Antonio. If this sounds like you, not to worry!

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