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  • TPE 2021 Important Update

    ​​TPE has been evolving over the past few years with an emphasis on leveraging technology to create more opportunities to enhance both the employer (recruitment) experience as well as the candidate (job search) experience. We have simultaneously been intentional in thinking about the limitations around access that coincide with a place-based in-person interview event. While the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our timeline, we are at a point in time where we are ready - and excited - to make this leap to a virtual offering.

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  • A Statement from TPE Leadership

    Like our sponsoring organizations, ACUHO-I and NASPA, TPE shares the heartbreak and outrage felt by our student affairs colleagues as we all mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black people killed because of racism and hate. We acknowledge that these tragedies reflect long-standing racial injustice within our nation. We also recognize that our Black colleagues are exhausted and scared, and need space to grieve. Finally, we know that privilege and oppression exist everywhere - in our communities, on our campuses, and amongst our profession.

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  • “Starting a New Job Amidst a Global Pandemic: Tips for Training/Working Remotely”

    Like many of you will probably soon be doing, I recently started a new position in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. While I was so excited to start working in a new office and to continue my work in higher education, I was faced with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty of what this new experience would be like knowing that many colleges and universities across the country are functioning “off the grid” and almost completely remotely. In my first two weeks, I have learned so much and wanted to share some personal suggestions and advice as you prepare for a unique start to your professional careers in Student Affairs!

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  • “…or related field”: A perspective on the next several years in the job market

    ​Job seekers today, especially our graduating grad students, are searching in an unprecedented time. Higher Education institutions and student affairs divisions are reimagining how to continue to serve students and staff-up appropriately during both a global pandemic and time of financial uncertainty. With so many hiring freezes, the availability of open positions is far less than what any of us could have anticipated a few months ago. Justin Reynolds, Director of Research Initiatives at ACUHO-I (and former senior economics research analysts) reflects on his job search during the last economic recession offering wisdom, practical advice, and encouragement to current job seekers.

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  • Become a TPE Ambassador

    TPE Ambassadors represent the most engaged schools across the country, and from their ranks, several interns are selected to attend TPE Onsite for free and get a behind-the-scenes look at this amazing event.

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  • TPE Onsite Prep

    There are number of different elements of your search process that are specific to TPE that recruiters need to consider to ensure that their process runs smoothly and is attractive to candidates.

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  • If You Find Them, They May Come

    Many employers find themselves “fishing” for candidates. Not because their position isn’t attractive, but because it can quickly prove difficult for one posting to stand out against another as potential candidates survey the listings.

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  • The Killer Committee

    A search committee can be the best part of a search process—or the most frustrating for a recruiter. Putting in the time at the beginning pays dividends as the search progresses.

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  • How Many Positions Do You Have?

    It’s tough to navigate asking current staff if they plan to search or if they are staying. Are there HR policies or existing contracts that dictate the depth of this conversation?

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