Are There Jobs in SA Areas Other Than Housing?

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​Yes! Although there are more than the fair share of housing positions, there are many more niches to explore on the TPE Job Board. Job searching is all in the approach. You can start from the beginning or from where you want to be.

The TPE Job Board is a clearinghouse for both year-round job posts as well as TPE Onsite event jobs. If you are pursuing a career in only a few specific areas of the Student Affairs (SA) profession, then all you need to get started is the Category field in the job search feature. 

Narrow Your Search

Narrow your search to a specific job category to see all of the institutions who are in need of ideal candidates to join their teams and advance their area of the SA field. There is an extensive selection of categories to research.

Save Your Searches

For each category search, click the Advanced Search link to access the Save this Search link. Each set of search criteria you save will be added as a shortcut in the Saved Searches section of your TPE account dashboard.

Start from Where You Want to Be

This is the best approach to discover more, manage your time wisely, and position yourself for the right opportunities.

Help Others Get to Where They Want to Be

If you are seasoned candidate who is moving on to a new position, encourage your work team to post your position on the TPE Job Board and recruit at the TPE Onsite event. These two acts alone simply strengthens the opportunities within for up-and-coming and fellow Student Affairs professionals.

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