Choosing the Right Resume Format for You

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    Kavita Bhambri
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Your resume is your first impression and a narrative of your education and work experience. However, choosing the right format for your resume that highlights your achievement can be a daunting experience. Below are key features of the three types of resume, chronological, functional and combination.


This resume type focuses on your job duties, listing your current job first and going back in time chronologically. This resume format highlights steady employment and progression in job responsibility. This format will repeat your duties that you have performed under each employer which may cause redundancy. 


This resume concentrates on general and specialized skills and abilities, rather than lengthy descriptions of each individual job. This resume format hides gaps between jobs and focus on the areas that you are highly proficient in. This format also makes it easier for the search committee or recruiter to read the necessary functional areas. Rather than going through the resume looking for what skills you have performed.

Professionals entering the SA field or transitioning out of the field will find this format helpful. The reason being, professionals can showcase their proficiency in different functional areas that can be transferrable to any industry.


The combination resume brings together features of the reverse chronological and the functional resumes. This format starts with the current job first and lists functional areas under each work experience. This format can be lengthy and confusing to read.

Ending thoughts

Whatever format you choose to showcase your achievements, the key is to explain how you have helped the institution by doing your job. Make sure to elaborate on this information in your resume. Also include your strengths and any volunteer experience to showcase your all-round personality.  

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