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As you explore the idea of working abroad in the field of Student Affairs, these are the top five things that you need to know to make your job search easier.

Have a Passport

The first thing that you will need to have is a passport. Many international job applications may ask you whether you have a passport as part of their online job application. Answering the affirmative may increase your chances of moving forward in the search process. Your local post office will have information on how to get a passport, the necessary fees and documents needed to get one.


Your proficiency in foreign languages may dictate on which country or continent you have identified for your job search. Granted that the English is a popular language but in many countries is not the official language. So if you are just a beginner in the Chinese language, you may want to be more proficient in your language skills.

Medical Exams

Many institutions have a rigorous process to make sure you are in good health. The medical exams may range from your physical exam, blood test, TB test, dental exam and screening for mental health and wellness. Be sure to check with your prospective employer and insurance on covering the cost of these wellness tests.


So you may wonder on how would the interview process work if you are a prospective candidate. Well, thanks to technology, most institutions abroad conduct interviews via Skype and similar interfaces. As you go through the job search, interview phase and sending emails, keep in mind time zones and keeping yourself awake. A campus visit may consist of looking at the institutions virtual tour or pictures and floor plans that are available to you on the website. Hence it is important to clarify any questions that you may have with the search committee host.


Congrats you are hired! So now what’s next? Now begins your journey to obtaining a work visa for you to work abroad. This requires paperwork from the institution, filling out visa application forms, fees and pictures for the application, getting an appointment at the consulate and preparing for the visa interview. Preparation of this interview will consist of having general knowledge about the country, some customs, important holidays and of course, your institution where you will be working.

Being patient in your international job search endeavors will be key! As you go through the stages of the job application, wait to get visa approval and prepare for your international journey in Student Affairs; keep calm and get ready to fly!

Kavita Bhambri
Fairleigh Dickinson University

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