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Employer Services is happy to provide a unique service from TPE to accompany our very successful candidate coaching and résumé’ review:  Employer Consulting

Each year, a number of employers engage in the facilitation of a search process for the very first time, and may find themselves seeking advice on all facets of the process or just needing some feedback on one or two elements. TPE is coordinating with volunteer, experienced recruiters across Student Affairs who have extensive background in developing and facilitating search processes. These “consultants” can provide insight into topics ranging from writing a posting, to interview materials, to managing TPE, to the on campus interview experience. 

We are thrilled to have such stellar professionals serve as consultants and know they can provide sage advice to employers looking for just a little information or those needing more extensive assistance.

If you would like to engage with a consultant, please email us your contact information, and a brief description of what assistance you are seeking to TPE Employer Services.

Chris and Shelia, Employer Services

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