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“Supervision Matters: A strong supervisor will recruit talent, retain talent, and advance talent in the workforce.”

This month's topic is Supervision. We have all heard the saying, “People leave managers, not companies.” While it may seem like a blanket statement, the truth is that a 2015 Gallup study found that 75% of people [at some point in their career] quit their job to “get away from their manager.” This means that over the course of our careers in HE/SA it is likely that we will leave a job because of a supervisor or that someone will leave their job because of us, if we are supervisors. Yes, salary contributes significantly to retention as does the actual work we do and the toll it takes on us. But, this month we are going to dive into the importance of skilled and competent supervision. 

Supervisors lead. They have a significant level of influence on their team members. They offer guidance. They move the team towards an organization’s vision. But, supervisors also have the distinct responsibility of management. They have to manage their own and others’ administrative duties ensuring that everyone meets expectations and completes tasks well and on time. Ultimately, supervisors are the primary persons responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a unit:  expectations and accountability, training and development, collaboration and cohesion, productivity,  performance evaluation, and retention. Supervision matters. A strong supervisor will recruit talent, retain talent, and advance talent in the workforce. So let’s talk about the strategic skill building, continued education and development, and the support supervisors need in addition to the leadership qualities that we often talk about. 

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