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So it's been two weeks since TPE Onsite, and you STILL haven’t heard anything. Don’t fret! Many candidates are in the same boat and are fixated on waiting by the phone (or computer) to hear a response. At least I was. The post-interview wait can be agonizing, especially if you feel like you did very well. Some of you may have heard back from employers, and that’s great! For those of you who still haven’t heard anything, here are some reasons why you may not have heard back.

Why you may not have been contacted after TPE Onsite

  1. Other interviews are taking place.
    Some institutions are still conducting interviews with candidates who were unable to attend TPE Onsite. They have to contact and process each candidate, and this takes a lot of time!

  2. Figuring out logistics.
    Employers may be prepping and scheduling who they will contact for on-campus interviews. Determining who’s invited to campus can be very complicated as it involves properly scheduling staff, reserving meeting spaces, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  3. Waiting for a decision from other candidates.  
    Often time, employers rank candidates. You could be candidate #2, but they must wait for a response to the offer made to candidate #1. Even if candidate #1 accepts and goes through the entire process and employers decide it isn’t the right fit, they may still contact you. Unfortunately, it could be late April or May before you hear anything.


Things you SHOULD NOT do while waiting to hear back about a job.

  1. Check in aggressively with employers about your status.
    It can be excruciating waiting to hear from your dream institution. But, this doesn’t mean you should constantly contact them and ask where you stand in the process. This can make a bad impression and drive you bonkers with worry and the stress.
  2. Bluff by saying you have another job offer when you really don’t.
    The worst thing you could do is contact an employer with a fake offer in hopes of pushing the employer to move faster. Please don’t do this, this could hurt your chances of being employed at the institution.
  3. Agonize and obsess.
    Obsessing won’t do anything to increase your chances, but it will make you miserable. You have to recognize that you don’t have control over their process. If they like you, they will contact you. You shouldn’t stress about things you cannot control.

Things you SHOULD do while waiting to hear back about a job.

  1. Keep applying to jobs.
    No matter how badly you want to hear from your dream institution, you shouldn’t stop applying. You don’t have a job until an official offer has been made. Keep exploring and searching for job opportunities.​
  2. Continue on with life.
    Don’t shut everything down just because you’re waiting to hear back from employers. Continue on with your life as normal. Don’t stop doing the things you love just because you want to stay by your phone or computer waiting to hear back.

  3. Learn something new!
    There are so many things you can do to get your mind off the waiting game, You could learn a new language, start a blog, start an exercise regime (get in those steps!), or even explore your local park.


I hope you can utilize some of these tips while you wait to hear back. Personally, I’ve been learning a new language to help take my mind off the waiting. With time and patience, you’ll eventually hear from someone. Please take care of yourselves and enjoy the time you have. Thanks for reading!


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