Things to Consider Before You Transition to Off-Campus Living

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Whether you have made the decision on transitioning to the next position of your career or are exploring the idea of living off-campus; here are the top five aspects that you need to consider before you make your decision.

To Own or Rent

Proximity to work, parking fees, school district (if you have little ones), money spent on tolls and gas are also important variables to consider where you decide to live. Depending on whether you rent or buy a home, always expect fees! Be sure to do your homework on what fees to expect whether you decide to rent or buy a home.


The second thing in considering moving off-campus is, are you ready to tackle the bare necessities. Yes, I am referring to utilities. This includes water, gas, electricity, internet, cable, phone, trash removal fee and maintenance fee etc. Helpful advice on fees can be found at your local municipal office. You may also gather some data on bundling services for entertainment from your colleagues that live off-campus.

Moving Costs

Moving costs are generally covered by institutions, especially if you move out of state. If you are in-state, some universities pay you partial moving costs based on gas mileage of 50 miles or more. You can clarify the moving costs with your HR representative at your institution.

The Actual Move

Start by organizing areas in your current place of living, such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, guest room, etc. Then arrange the items in each room into three categories, to take, to donate and to trash. I consider using the colorful pot-it notes to help simplify the process. Now remember take the bare essentials and donate the rest to a good cause. Box up the “to take” items and label the box for easy unpacking. Write down “handle with care”, “fragile” to make the move a bit easier. If you decide to trash items, make sure that you do not incur fees for trash removal at your institution. After all, you want to leave on a good note from your workplace.

General Items

Changing mailing address with the postal service, the HR department, your bank, and anywhere online (if applicable) are important as well. You will also need to look at your retirement plans, employer contributions and see how you can rollover those to what your new institutions has. A simple phone call to the financial company and HR will help resolve this issue. But keep in mind that there is a restriction on the time limit of rollovers to avoid penalty charges. Making a checklist will help you keep track and stay on track at completing tasks associated with your move. 

Like they say, there is no perfect time for good-byes. Let’s accept the fact that they are hard but try looking at the bright side of your future. Imagine the new space you will be in and how it will come into your being. Ask for help, visualize your new space and shine on in your new venture!!

Kavita Bhambri

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