Top 7 Reasons to Attend TPE Onsite as a Candidate

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Searching for jobs is always an investment - of both your time and money. And, attending the TPE Onsite experience in March allows you to optimize both your time and your money.  Instead of having to search multiple institution websites for open positions and writing dozens upon dozens of unique cover letters and tailored resumes, you can more easily express interest to employers, LOTS of employers.  And, as a TPE candidate you will have exposure to hundreds of open jobs! Job searching, and going on many first round interviews, can also be expensive. The TPE regular registration deadline is quickly approaching - Friday, February 8. Have access to hundreds of employers and even more positions, and the opportunity to interview for many positions in a short period of time.  

Keep reading to see the Top 7 Reasons why you don't want to miss out on TPE as a candidate! Your future is worth the investment! But before you read on, let's acknowledge the elephant in the interview hall.  LA is expensive!!!  So...

Top 7 Reasons to Attend TPE as a Candidate!  

Find Your Fit

TPE Onsite provides you the opportunity to have face-to-face first (and often second and third!) round interviews.  Instead of a phone call or a skype interview where you cannot “read the room”, TPE allows you the chance to interview for multiple positions face-to-face. Remember, employers aren’t only interviewing you, you are interviewing them as well.  Face-to-Face interviews allows you to better feel out opportunities that are a good fit (or not!) As one candidate from 2018 said: “I can truly say that I have never felt so comfortable speaking and connecting with employers from a variety of institutions. While interviewing can seem like you are just trying to prove yourself over and over again, the employers at TPE are really looking to get to know you and to mutually see if the school or position is the right fit.”  By interviewing face-to-face with multiple schools, you will also be able to decide which positions you would like to continue to pursue, and which positions you are no longer interested it. Maybe you’ll end up liking a position or school you had previously never considered?  

Access and Efficiency

TPE Onsite is a chance to explore something new, learn about institutions and roles you otherwise might have never learned about on your own, and gives you a chance to interview for multiple positions all in a few days. The opportunity to speak face-to-face with institutions from all over the country is invaluable and an experience you cannot replicate elsewhere.  Don’t let your resume be one that just goes “unnoticed” amongst online applications. Meet face to face, take an interview with a new type of school, explore new types of roles and positions, and interview for different positions across all types of institutions. Within 4 days, you will have the chance to interview with upwards of a dozen schools and positions without having to wait to schedule with different schools (all on different timelines).  TPE allows you the opportunity to explore, interview, and build connections within a short period of time.

Interviewing is Better with Friends

In the midst of all the job opportunities and interviewing at TPE Onsite, there is also a great sense of camaraderie between candidates. TPE is a great place to connect with peers in the field from all over the country while searching for that perfect job. As one candidate from 2018 recalled: “You can't get the experience of TPE anywhere else! It is something that I will remember throughout my career, and a place where I started lifelong friendships with colleagues in the field.”  

Building a Network that Lasts Beyond TPE

The interview experience and the networking opportunities are a phenomenal way to build relationships and networks that last long beyond the TPE Onsite event. With hundreds of candidates and employers all in one place, TPE is a great way to not only meet potential future employers, but to also meet future colleagues and coworkers.  TPE candidates always appreciate making new connections as well as revisiting previous connections from other institutions. And, as one 2018 candidate said: “The people that you meet at TPE will change your life.” You cannot get the experience of TPE anywhere else! It is a place to search for jobs, but also a place where you start to make lifelong friendships with colleagues in the field.

Confidence Booster

TPE helps you be a more prepared job seeker - from the pre-TPE Onsite webinars, to Candidate Coaching, to the Boot Camp with Mock Interviews, to the onsite orientation and roundtables. Candidates going through the process are able to gain confidence and feel more comfortable talking with employers and interviewing alongside hundreds of other candidates.  The opportunity to speak face-to-face with employers and institutions from all over the country is invaluable. TPE helps many (many!) candidates land their first, or next, position. But even for those searching beyond TPE, attending TPE helps to showcase how prepared, and how valuable, candidates are to enter the field. In addition to providing access and tools to a large selection of positions across functional areas, candidates leave TPE with gained confidence and an enhanced ability to articulate their value to potential employers.

A TPE Support System Every Step of the Way

The job search experience can be isolating and overwhelming.  The Candidate Development Team will be there with you every step of the way.  As a TPE candidate, you get the benefit of the TPE Candidate Development Team both before, during, and even after TPE!  Take advantage of the webinars between now and TPE to be the best-prepared candidate possible. And, spots still remain for the pre-TPE Boot Camp (Tuesday, March 5). While onsite, you can meet with career coaches, attend roundtable conversations about the job search and interview process, use the computers to research institutions and positions, or just relax and unwind in the candidate resource room.  The Candidate Development Committee will be the first to welcome you, answer any and all questions, and offer words of support and guidance.

Selection, Selection, Selection

In one place, under one roof, you can find ALL types of institutions, recruiting for all types of positions, in all geographic locations!  In 2018, all 50 states, plus Washington DC, had employers interviewing candidates. And, there are even some non-schools interviewing as well!  For example, the NCAA has posted and is recruiting for open positions this year! There is truly no other place where you can show up and interview with this many different higher education entities all in one place in a short period of time!  As of early January, over 150 employers have already registered to attend and interview at TPE! But remember, most schools don’t actually post their open positions until February. 

We hope to see you at TPE Onsite: Spring March 6-9, 2019 in Los Angeles! Learn more and register today.
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