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There are number of different elements of your search process that are specific to TPE that recruiters need to consider to ensure that their process runs smoothly and is attractive to candidates. 

Interview Space

How do you want your space to look? If you don’t have table covers and would like to have one made, mid-March will be here sooner than you think. For custom items, make sure to give yourself a healthy window for purchasing and delivery. 

As many different schools as there are, there are different ways to set up your space. Give this some thought, and consider what might be too little, just right, or too much. It’s really an institutional choice and what resources are available. Some schools who have multiple positions purchase multiple Premium tables and create an institutional environment that really resonates with candidates. In addition, it helps make the interview team feel comfortable. You can also choose to dress up the place with some add-ons from TPE (including electricity to replace those pesky batteries that wear down).

Onsite Administration

Traveling with files and table items can be tricky. Be prepared to transport your items to and from New Orleans. If you are flying, that can include either extra luggage or using TPE Onsite's shi pping/freight company, which will have your items delivered for you. In addition, many institutions choose to have a “work table” if they plan to conduct extensive candidate searching. Having a working space for the various files, boxes, and other items separate from the tables decorated and utilized for interviews can help make the process run smoothly. (In addition, it let's candidates see that you’re a well-organized team--an attractive quality to potential employees).


Have you considered hosting a reception for your candidates and “alumni” during TPE Onsite? A reception allows for a more informal interaction with candidates and can show off the dynamics of your institutional culture that are not appreciably evident during an interview process. Former staff can interact with candidates and share their experiences and advice; and current staff can engage with potential teammates and speak to the benefits of working with your group. Even if your institution is holding a reception during the NASPA Annual Conference immediately following TPE Onsite, this is an opportunity to focus on candidates and their experience. Even if you passed on the opportunity upon registering your position, you can still register for a reception on the TPE website.

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