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    D'Najah Thomas, TPE Director
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This change might excite you, be a surprise to some of you, and potentially disappoint or frustrate others. If you happen to be feeling disappointed or frustrated, we understand. Honestly. Change is hard. Institutional or structural change is harder. We can not begin to count the number of people, institutions, and organizations that have a connection with the On-Site TPE event. So many of us found our first job or made our first professional hire at TPE On-Site. Others have built TPE On-Site into the fabric of their recruiting process. No matter your experience, there is no denying that the On-Site event has been a consistent, dependable, source for recruiting and hiring in our profession for more than a decade. As a result we recognize that permanently changing the design and modality of this event will undoubtedly shift how we all think about and engage in recruitment, selection, and placement in our profession. 

Which brings us to our second point, change is inevitable. Long before the pandemic, data trends suggested a change was coming for the student affairs workforce. It also showed that being location bound with an on-site event fortified barriers to inclusion and equity, for candidates and employers alike. As organizations, ACUHO-I and NASPA are committed to reducing and eliminating these types of obstacles through all its programs, products, and services, and it is essential that we make changes to TPE to meet that pledge.

Which is why change can, and will, also be good! There is no denying that the landscape of higher education is shifting.  Workforce maintenance and enhancement is at the forefront of this shift. We want to do more than respond, we want to move forward proactively, in-step with our membership, carving out innovative and meaningful paths forward. Building camaraderie with peers, networking, and gaining career boosting skills as both a candidate and recruiter is still our foundation. Finding your first job and making a first professional hire is still our goal! A virtual platform will allow us to continue to strengthen our foundation, meet our goal, and evolve into a more diverse and robust experience.

This year’s virtual event will bring roundtable discussions, institutional spotlights, career coaching, and so much more and we look forward to seeing many of you as candidates, employers, and even volunteers at the 2022 TPE placement event!

Did you know?

  • There’s no other definitive resource for the Student Affairs job placement process like TPE! The longevity of our dynamic online information, powerful networking opportunities, and first-class job placement event continues to help candidates find their perfect job and help institutions find their perfect hire!
  • Our flagship spring event averages over 1,000 unique employer participants each year from over 250 institutions, including 900+ in Spring 2021!
  • 90% of employers who participated in TPE Virtual 2021 reported being satisfied with their overall experience and 89% would attend again.
  • 77% of candidates who participated in TPE Virtual 2021 reported being satisfied with their overall experience and 81% would recommend TPE to a colleague.


What Attendees Are Saying…

  • “It was convenient to meet and interview with institutions from all over the country. Submitting resumes, requesting interviews, communicating with interviewers. It was all very convenient and I was more comfortable and at ease interviewing from home where I didnt feel like I was 1 out of 1000 going for the same position. Virtual did it for me! Thank you.” - Candidate
  • “Affordability was huge, not having to travel allowed more members on the interview team and the ability to staff and troubleshoot here on campus.” - Employer


What Next?

Our goal is simple: We want every student affairs professional to know that not only is attending TPE Virtual within your reach, it is the place for you to find the next job in you professional journey regardless of your race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, income, physical or mental ability, work experience, or organizational role. In the same way, we want colleges, universities and organizations across the country to know that you can afford TPE regardless of your budget or travel allowance. Moreover, TPE is the place for you to meet, interview and hire the candidate that your local HR search and community job board cannot find for you. 

As we plan for TPE this year and in the future, we want to hear your stories. We also want to reach out and to listen to new and diverse perspectives from across our communities. Whether you have participated in TPE or not, we want to hear from you about what resources, scholarship, education and development, and support is needed for a sustainable and thriving workforce in our profession. 

To share your story, email it in 300 words or less to info@theplacementexchange.org. Include a headshot, your name, pronouns, and any identifying information you would like us to share. 

If you have any questions or would like to just talk TPE with me, feel free to email me at dthomas@theplacementexchange.org 

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