What Schools Will Be at TPE Onsite 2016?

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This same question will have a new answer each day. 

More and more institutions have registered for the TPE Onsite 2016. Whether your search is niche-based, region-based, or by specific institutions, there are a few ways to find out which employers will be recruiting and interviewing in Indianapolis.

Participating Insitutions

To see an exhaustive list of 2016 participating institutions, go to: https://www.theplacementexchange.org/conference/onsite-institutions/. From the list you can:

  • Perform a search to find a specific institution
  • Click the drop-down list to shortcut to an institution, or
  • Scroll down the list and click on an institution name to check out its profile details and any posted positions

Search for TPE Onsite Event Jobs

To shortcut to the jobs for which employers will recruit or conduct interviews in Indianapolis during TPE Onsite 2016, perform an advanced search. From the TPE homepage (or by clicking Search Jobs from your TPE candidate account), click on the Advanced Search link that is located directly under the job search box. Once the search fields expand, click on the TPE Onsite Event Jobs Only checkbox to narrow your search to the event jobs. 

If you are unable to access the description of the event jobs, that means you are a registered candidate who is not logged into your TPE account--or you have yet to register for the TPE Onsite event. There's no better time to register, than right now.

Follow an Institution

If you are region-based and/or have your heart set on joining the team at one of your favorite institutions, then you should do just that...favorite those institutions. 

From the list of participating institutions, you can click to learn more about an institution and save their profile to your dashboard. Now, each time you log into your account, you can shortcut to your favorite institutions and check out their posted positions in your Favorite Institutions section. (Similarly, as you read through job descriptions, you can save the job post to your Favorite Jobs section of the dashboard.)

Happy Searching!

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