You Made it to San Antonio! Now What?

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    Berenice Sánchez
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The countdown for TPE Onsite 2017 is officially underway and people will begin traveling to San Antonio in less than a week. I'm sure that at this moment everyone is focused on what needs to be done before you leave for TPE Onsite (e.g. finalize research, get your outfits ready, and confirm travel arrangements). What some people forget to plan for is what to do once you arrive in San Antonio. If this sounds like you, not to worry! Below is a list of the top 5 things that you should do (well that we recommend you do) upon your arrival in San Antonio.

1. Take a moment to breathe

You're finally at TPE Onsite 2017. All of the time you' ve spent prepping in the last several weeks and months has been for this moment right now. You're probably feeling overwhelmed (that's normal), but just remember that you've put in the work to prepare for this exact moment and now is the time for your to shine and show employers how amazing you are.

2. Get situated

Check into your hotel room and get settled. This will be your “home” for the next four days (possibly longer if you are staying for the NASPA Conference).

  • Make sure you know how to get from your hotel to the convention center, places to eat, closest drug store, or any other location you may need to travel to while onsite.
  • Make sure you ask your hotel concierge about the best mode of transportation to get around easily and inexpensively.

3. Prepare all of your interview materials

The next several days are going to be hectic, so the more you prep beforehand the smoother everything will seem.

  • Make sure you take some time to prepare and organize anything you may need while you are onsite.
  • Check what the weather is going to be like over the next couple of days, plan your outfits and have them ironed and hung so that they are ready for you in the morning.
  • Gather all your institutional research notes for your interviews and make sure you have a notepad to keep notes for your interviews.
  • Lastly, if you bring a purse or messenger bag to the convention center, make sure you clean it out and only pack the things that you will absolutely need. You dont want to carry a heavy bag full of unnecessary things throughout the convention center.

4. Make a plan for onsite

There are many resources that are available to you while onsite including: 

  • onsite roundtable sessions
  • candidate orientation
  • candidate coaching

Taking advantage of all these resources and opportunities will assure that you feel most prepared and supported as you go through TPE Onsite. Along with making a plan, make sure you go to the convention center
and walk around the space beforehand if you have the chance. Our candidate orientation sessions will give candidates a tour of the space, but getting to walk through it a couple of times is sometimes helpful to make it seem a little less overwhelming.


The next four to eight days are going to be extremely long so make sure you take care of yourself. Get your sleep. Make sure you eat. Above all else, rest whenever you can. You are your best self when you are healthy and rested so make sure you take some time to regroup and relax when you can.

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