TPE Ambassador Program

The Placement Exchange (TPE) Ambassadors are a combination of graduate students and working professionals who volunteer on behalf of TPE and serve as an advocate of the TPE experience and resources.  For 2020-2021, TPE will have Graduate Ambassadors, Employer Ambassadors, and Candidate Ambassadors.

Currently, TPE is seeking applications for the TPE Graduate Ambassador Program.  TPE Grad Ambassadors represent the most engaged schools across the country, and from their ranks. In the Ambassador role, graduate students from institutions are provided advanced information about TPE resources and programs to assist their fellow students who are planning to job search in the coming years. Selected Ambassadors work with The Placement Exchange in a variety of ways. Primarily, Ambassadors serve on campuses as the main communication conduit to their peers and faculty. They are given the most up-to-date information about all of the resources available within Student Affairs through The Placement Exchange and our sponsoring associations (ACUHO-I and NASPA) in order to convey important information to their peers and other prospective candidates on campus.  In addition, TPE Ambassadors have the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals as part of the TPE Committee, as well as colleagues from ACUHO-I and NASPA.

Philosophy of the TPE Ambassador Program

TPE Ambassadors work with The Placement Exchange in a variety of ways. Primarily, the Ambassadors serve as the main communication conduit on campuses with colleagues, peers, faculty, potential candidates, and potential employers. They are given the most up-to-date information about a variety of TPE resources, events, and initiatives for Student Affairs professionals to share on campus and within their professional circles.  Graduate Ambassadors are current graduate students who also implement different programs and workshops on their respective campuses to assist classmates and other potential candidates with their Student Affairs job search.  Candidate Ambassadors serve as volunteers focusing on outreach, preparedness, career discernment, and capacity building among current candidates. This could include serving as a coach, mentor, resume reviewer, and more. Employer Ambassadors will help shape the Employer Experience for both the TPE Spring (Virtual) Event and other TPE initiatives around recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Directed Goals and Outcomes of the TPE Ambassador Program

  • On-campus leadership role through planning and implementing programs to support TPE and to serve peers who are gearing up for the job search process.
  • Increased awareness of job placement services and career resources.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in Student Affairs and Higher Education.
  • Professional development via webinar and conference calls.

The TPE Graduate Ambassador Position - Applications due 10.31.2020 (Click Here for the Application)

Terms and Conditions of TPE Graduate Ambassador Position

  • Graduate student enrolled in a master’s program with an emphasis on student affairs. (Typically first-year or non-graduating students.  Graduating students and/or those participating in TPE as a candidate in the coming spring are not eligible to apply to be an Intern.)
  • An interest in serving the student affairs field and providing opportunities for peers. 
  • Attend Ambassador conference calls (October through May).
  • Willingness to perform responsibilities below.

Appointment and Contract Period

  • Member of a subcommittee.
  • Serve as an active participant within the TPE subcommittee.
  • Contribute to TPE by performing stated "Community and Relationship Development Responsibilities" outlined below.
  • Contract period is from October through May.

 Community and Relationship Development Responsibilities

  • Serve as a marketing "street team" on campus, distributing materials to peers.
  • Attend and participate in Ambassador monthly and bi-monthly conference calls.
  • Plan and implement three programs/workshops that promote TPE on your campus.
  • Provide feedback to the overall TPE Committee.

Graduate Internship Opportunity

Another great opportunity for first-year (or non-graduating) TPE Ambassadors is the potential to serve as a TPE Intern for the annual Spring TPE event. TPE interns will be selected from the current cohort of TPE Graduate Ambassadors. Selected interns will have a behind the scenes look at the TPE Experience and serve as an integral member of the TPE Spring Event Steering Committee.  *NOTE: Only non-graduating TPE Ambassadors are eligible to serve as TPE interns in the spring. Ambassadors who plan on registering for the Spring Virtual event as a candidate are not eligible to apply. The intern application will most likely open in December or January.

The 2020 - 2021 Application Period is now open. Click Here to Apply.  The priority application deadline is October 18.  All applications must be received by October 31. 



TPE Employer Ambassador Position (Applications Open Nov. 1)



"Being a TPE Ambassador reminded me of why I want to be a student affairs professional-- to serve a campus community-- which is something I can start doing right now on my home campus." - Hanna Wasco, George Washington University

"Having the opportunity to facilitate workshops at my home institution while partnering with TPE gave me the confidence to continue facilitating workshops to support peers in their job searches, as well as facilitating my own job search." - Frankie DiFranco, Florida State University

“Being a TPE Ambassador was a wonderful opportunity. Not only was I a resource for the second years in my program, I was an asset to my cohort and myself through all the knowledge that I learned. It was a great experience and it helped confirm that Student Affairs is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” – Relius Johnson, University of Central Arkansas

“I loved being an Ambassador and TPE Intern! It was such an amazing experience to connect with students and professionals from across the country. I enjoyed seeing professionals and their dedication towards helping students succeed as they enter the job search. Now when I head to TPE Onsite in the future I know what to expect!”Kaitlyn Thruston, Appalachian State University


The TPE Engagement Chairs - Krystal Nicholson and Nikiah Campbell - oversee the Ambassador and Intern recruitment and selection process. 


Questions about the TPE Ambassador program? Send a message to: