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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Job Post Credit
  • What is a job post credit?

    A job post credit is an advance payment on a job post. Think of it as “store credit”—employers can purchase credits now and apply them to job posts later. Credits are used to:

    • Activate a job post (i.e. publish to the Job Board)
    • Extend the time period of an active job post
    • Renew an inactive job post (i.e. post an expired job back on the Job Board)

    Standard online job post credits expire one year from date of purchase.

    TPE Event job post credits expire on June 1 of the current event year.

  • How do I apply a job credit?
    1. Log in to TPE employer account
    2. Navigate to Manage Job Postings menu
    3. Go to (draft/active/inactive) job post
    4. Select job credit from Credit dropdown
    5. Click Apply/Extend/Renew button
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TPE Event - Dates
TPE Event - Attendees
  • Who attends the TPE Spring Event?
    • Candidates (students and professionals)
    • Employers (colleges, universities, and other institutions)
    • Interview Team (members of the registered employer)
    • Higher Ed Adjacent Employers
    • TPE Partners
  • How can I find out which institutions are participating?

    ​To see the list of institutions participating at the Spring 2021 TPE Virtual Event, please go to the Onsite Institutions page.

    Please note: Many institutions participating in the Spring Event will not post their position until closer to the event. Keep checking back!

TPE Event - Registration
  • What's included in TPE Event registration?

    Candidate Registration

    • Access to employer event jobs
    • Participation in the virtual event interview days
    • Employer messaging system within the portal
    • A personal interview calendar
    • Free access to “Virtual Candidate Only” opportunities including: webinars, workshops, career coaching, networking events, and more.

    Employer Registration

    • Access to all registered TPE candidates;
    • A standard event job credit (1);
    • The opportunity to upgrade the event post to a premium-post for no additional charge;
    • Personal virtual interview calendar;
    • Access to employer specific recruiting resources and educational programs;
    • Discounted job post rates.
  • How much does it cost to participate in the TPE Spring Event?

    TPE Event registration details for candidates can be found on the Candidate Event page. Event registration information for employers is on the Employer Event page.

  • When can I register for the TPE Spring Event?

    Registration for Spring 2021 is now open! Learn more here!

  • How do I register for the TPE Spring Event?
    1. Log into TPE account
    2. Click on Register button located on dashboard
    • Candidates register via a credit card only.
    • Employers register via credit card or purchase order.
TPE Event - Candidate Registration
TPE Event - Employer Registration
  • Can I pay for my TPE Event registration with a purchase order?

    Institutions can pay for employer registration via a purchase order or credit card.

    At anytime, you can make an online payment to reconcile your open purchase orders. Log in to your TPE account and click on your Order History to get started.

  • Can I upgrade my existing event job post from standard to premium?

    Employers can log back into their TPE accounts to select an Event Job Post Upgrade or add-on additional Event Job Posts after you purchase your event registration.

    To upgrade a published TPE standard event job, go to the section in the employer account where created job posts are managed, then click on the Upgrade Post button to get started.

  • Can I add other items to my TPE Event registration at a later date?

    Employers can log back into your profile to select event post upgrades or purchase add-ons after you purchase your event registration.

  • How do I register my TPE interview team?

    Once Interview Scheduling opens, registered employers can log into their TPE account and, from their dashboard, add the names and email address of their interview team members. Adding interview team member information does not create accounts for team members and does not provide colleagues with access to the online employer account. We encourage the employer point of contact to share the Employer Login Credentials with any other member of your interview team.

TPE Event - Event Jobs
  • What is the difference between a standard event job post and a premium event job post?

    A standard event job listing is a position that is open for applications from registered TPE Event candidates only. The position is not viewable by non-registered candidates.

    A premium event job listing is a position that is open for all candidates to apply. For some positions, employers are accepting applications from both registered and non-registered TPE Event candidates. If the position is viewable from a candidate’s TPE account, he/she is eligible to apply.

  • How do I search for TPE Event jobs only?

    ​For jobs that employers are filling through the TPE Onsite event only:

    • Click on Find Jobs
    • Click on Refine Search
    • Place a check in the box for TPE Event Jobs Only
    • Complete your search criteria and click Update Results
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