TPE OnsiteCandidates

  • Lukas Miedreich | Candidate

    Sometimes it's best to step outside of your comfort zone and see what life has in store for you!

    An interview turned into my dream job, and now my dream job is a reality!

  • Jeremy Miller | Candidate

    TPE Onsite was nothing short of a life changing experience.

    This was the only time and place that I could simulaneously pursue career opportunities while meeting amazing people from all over the country.

  • Peter Huu Tran | Candidate

    I am glad I got to experience TPE Onsite.

    It was refreshing to see so many professionals in the field and soon-to-be professionals preparing for what they love to do.

  • Lerren Tyler | Candidate

    I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I was meant to attend TPE Onsite.

    Here I am with my dream job at a great school with a great group of people all thanks to that chance encounter at TPE Onsite.

  • Scott Thomas | Candidate

    I was challenged to perform in a professional format. I was also encouraged to begin building a professional network within the field of Student Affairs.

    I have not seen an equivalent for the opportunity that TPE Onsite afforded me. I strongly recommend the experience to all graduate students!  

  • Amanda Finzi-Smith | Candidate

    I was extremely excited to get to meet the school I had been dreaming of working for.

    This could not have been possible without TPE Onsite and the once in a lifetime opportunity that it has provided me in getting my dream job.

Take the Next Step on Your Career Path

Attend the #1 higher education staff selection event in the world.

Job searching isn't easy yet over 92% past candidates recommend TPE Onsite to other candidates and a remarkable 99%+ of participating employers recommend the event. TPE Onsite averages over 10,000 onsite interviews while creating a personalized, comfortable experience for candidates and employers.

Whether you need assistance with career and resume advice, interview scheduling, connecting with TPE partner associations, or help navigating the city, we aim to be your go-to crew. It is no accident that 99% of employers recommend TPE Onsite to their colleagues. We look forward to keeping our record strong and partnering with you to make this your best placement experience ever.

For the 10 years, The Placement Exchange has focused on providing a high-quality, comprehensive job search experience which prepares candidates for every aspect of the search process. This effort is led by a team of professionals who are experts in our field and represent the numerous functional areas in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Through our commitment to excellence, strong customer service, professional development, and education, we devote our energy to building a positive, synergistic, innovative, and educational career placement experience for all TPE stakeholders.


TPE Onsite 2020 Event Registration Has Now Closed... We will see you in Spring 2021, until then, check out our virtual sessions and blogs for up to date content and happenings!

Get face-to-face access to thousands of employer representatives at the best annual onsite event. 

Registration opens on October 1, 2019 at 12pm EST. 

  by MAR 28


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Candidate Event Registration - Professional

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Education & Assistance

Candidate Onsite Orientation

Join the TPE Candidate Development Team to get an overview of the event from the candidate’s point of view!

Candidate Round Tables

Want to grab a quick dialogue with fellow colleagues? Stay tuned for the announcement the event series of round table discussions.

Professional Coaches

Student Affairs professionals serve as coaches throughout the event and are available to answer questions and ease concerns about the placement process. In addition, coaches assist by looking over your resume, helping you prepare for interviews, or simply lending a caring ear. The mid-level candidates lounge features senior-level professionals who can provide sage advice on how to successfully navigate the next stage of your career.

Career Resources

Visit Our TPE Video Library for Previously Recorded Sessions


Check Out Our TPE Blog Page for Awesome Stories and Tips to Aid in Your Career Development


Candidate Workroom-Closed Due to Virtual TPE

With wireless printing, laptop charging stations, and top-notch staff to assist with your questions and immediate needs,the candidate workrooms are the main location for candidates between interviews.Whether you’re looking for a stapler, a Clorox pen, or a place to eat, these folks can help. This space also hosts interview assistance, career coaching, and roundtable discussions.

Candidate Quiet Workroom-Closed Due to Virtual TPE

The candidate quiet workroom are for those who need a different kind of space. Here you will find individual work stations and a “no phone or group discussion” workspace.

Candidate Computer Stations- Closed Due to Virtual TPE

Quick and easy access to computer workstations and printers for candidates who travel light. 

Mid-Level Candidate Lounge- Closed Due to Virtual TPE

The mid-level candidate lounge is a space where professionals who are further along in their journey can go for support, camaraderie, networking, and a quiet workspace and next level career coaching. 

Mail System

Please utilize e-mail and our TPE Online Messaging System to communicate with Employers.

Quick Stats

  • 92%

    The percentage of candidates who recommend the TPE Onsite
    to fellow candidates

  • 13,084

    The largest number of onsite interviews conducted during TPE Onsite

  • 98%

    The percentage of employers who recommend the TPE Onsite
    to their colleagues

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