TPE spring EventCandidates

  • Lukas Miedreich | Candidate

    Sometimes it's best to step outside of your comfort zone and see what life has in store for you!

    An interview turned into my dream job, and now my dream job is a reality!

  • Jeremy Miller | Candidate

    TPE was nothing short of a life changing experience.

    This was the only time and place that I could simulaneously pursue career opportunities while meeting amazing people from all over the country.

  • Peter Huu Tran | Candidate

    I am so glad I got to experience TPE.

    It was refreshing to see so many professionals in the field and soon-to-be professionals preparing for what they love to do.

  • Amanda Finzi-Smith | Candidate

    I was extremely excited to get to meet the school I had been dreaming of working for.

    This could not have been possible without TPE and the once in a lifetime opportunity that it has provided me in getting my dream job.

  • Lerren Tyler | Candidate

    I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I was meant to attend TPE.

    Here I am with my dream job at a great school with a great group of people all thanks to that chance encounter at TPE .

  • Scott Thomas | Candidate

    I was challenged to perform in a professional format. I was also encouraged to begin building a professional network within the field of Student Affairs.

    I have not seen an equivalent for the opportunity that TPE afforded me. I strongly recommend the experience to all graduate students!  

Make Connections. Expand your Opportunities. Find Your Next Job!

The premier job placement event in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

TPE is excited to launch the spring 23' placement event online via a new platform through Brazen. With this new technology we are offering a recruiter fair in addition to our interview days. One free registration. Two events.


Recruiter Fair - February 22

  • Job seekers can expect the opportunity to visit with all registered employers via their customized (themed) booths where employers will have with videos, links and additional information about their job post, team, and institution. Job seekers will be able to chat instantly (text or video) with employers  while they view your resume and application materials. Following up job seekers will be able to message employers to ask follow up questions, request information, and express interest in interviewing in March. Employers will be able to take notes, forward information to interview teams, and email job seekers directy to schedule an interview(s) in March all with just 1-2 clicks!

Interview Days - March 7-9

  • Candidates will return to employer booths for their scheduled interview via video chat. Following the interview employers will be able to email candiadates directy to share additional information and to schedule a follow up interview.


There is no denying that the landscape of higher education is shifting.  Workforce maintenance and enhancement is at the forefront of this shift. Our hope is to provide greater flexibility for job seekers, as well as fewer financial limitations (travel, hotel, time away from work, etc.) for both candidates and emloyers, while bringing back the branding opportuities, energy, and warm connection that TPE has long been known for. We look forward to keeping our record strong and partnering with you to make TPE Virtual your best placement experience ever!  Learn more about Brazen.

Quick Stats

  • 987

    The number of employers who participated in TPE Virtual 2021

  • 90%

    The percentage of employers for whom TPE Virtual candidates were finalists in the job search process

  • 87%

    The percentage of candidates who believe TPE Virtual was a worthwhile time investment

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