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  • Tomas Jimenez | Employer

    Connecting with professionals in person and telling our story was very important to the search.

    I was blown away with the quality of professionals I met at TPE.

  • Katy Pelton | Employer

    We are able to meet a diverse group of potential new employees who are just as excited to explore their employment opportunities.

    The positive atmosphere of TPE gives energy to everyone on both sides of the hiring process.

Recruit. Connect. Interview.

Connecting Employers with Top Notch Candidates

Join us for TPE Virtual 2022, March 14 - March 17.

Registration is OPEN NOW!

The TPE Spring Event is the premier job placement event. For over 10 years, The Placement Exchange has focused on providing a high-quality, comprehensive recruitment and job search experience allowing employers the opportunity to connect with, to screen, and to interview the top Student Affairs and Higher Education candidates. We welcome back the hundreds of institutions who have been with the TPE Spring Event and we extend our hardiest “welcome aboard” to first-time employers!  With the careful planning of our TPE team, innovative technology, unmatched customer service, and hundreds of registered candidates, the TPE Spring Event is a proven choice for securing first-rate candidates for your positions, teams, and institutions. 

There is no denying that the landscape of higher education is shifting.  Workforce maintenance and enhancement is at the forefront of this shift. We want to do more than respond, we want to move forward proactively, in-step with our membership, carving out innovative and meaningful paths forward. TPE Virtual 2022 will provide for greater flexibility for employers, as well as fewer financial limitations (travel, hotel, time away from work, etc.) for both candidates and interview teams.  Whether you need assistance with position marketing, interview scheduling, virtual networking receptions, candidate connections, or help navigating the recruitment process, we aim to be your go-to resource. We look forward to keeping our record strong and partnering with you to make TPE Virtual your best placement experience ever!

Spring 2022 Rates

Event Registration and Pricing



The Employer Registration Package includes:

  • One (1) standard event job post credit visible to TPE Virtual 2022 Registered Candidates 
  • One (1) personal virtual interview schedule
  • Access to all registered  TPE Virtual Candidates
  • A designated employer "point of contact" w/ unlimited interview team members.
  • Access to Employer Resources and Educational Services.



Expand your reach and upgrade your standard job post to a premium job post for free
Premium Event Job Post         $0  

  • premium job post credit applied to a position allows for applicants to apply for the position without being registered for the TPE Virtual event.
  • A standard job post opens a position for applications only from candidates registered for the TPE Virtual event. Select the option that is best for your recruitment needs.
  • All unused TPE Virtual event job post credits expire on June 1 of the event year.



Do you need to recruit and interview for multiple positions? Add additional Virtual Event Job Post credits.
   Standard Job Post                    $175
   Premium Job Post                    $175


Considering adding this services to your registration as well! 

Virtual Interview Schedule         $0  

  • Additional virtual interview schedules can be added at no cost

Institutional Spotlight Session    $75    

  • Held on Monday prior to Interview Days.   
  • Institutional Spotlights provide the opportunity for you to share information about your campus/positions to increase awareness and generate additional interest among registered TPE candidates.   


Event Education & Development Opportunities


The TPE Employer Development Team will provide multiple Employer Orientations for an overview and walkthrough of the TPE Virtual Event from the employer's point of view!

Workshops and Roundtable Discussions

Join the TPE Employer Development Team for a variety of virtual webinars, roundtable discussions, and other resources made available only to registered employers to assist with you in the recruitment process.

Concierge Hours

Connect with members of the TPE Committee who will be offering "concierge hours" to assist with all your questions and recruitment needs.  

Recruiting Opportunities

Institutional Spotlight

Employers who are interested in sharing more about their campus, open/anticipated positions, etc. are invited to sign up for an Institutional Spotlight Session.  Institutional Spotlights will take place on Monday before the interviews kick-off on Tuesday. This is a great opportunity for employers who would like to increase awareness and generate additional interest among registered TPE candidates.   

​Reservations are confirmed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Event Resources

Messaging System

Please utilize e-mail and our TPE Online Messaging System to communicate with Candidates. Note: You can send messages through the portal, but they will appear in your registered email account. 

Personal Virtual Interview Schedule

TPE will provide each employer with a personal interview schedule.  Candidates willalso have a personal interview schedule.  Please use the TPE Schedule to schedule all interviews with candidates (30-minute and 60-minute interviews.)  Once the interview scheduling opens, you will be able to directly connect with candidates open availability.  Our schedule provides the unique element of only showing mutual availability. Failure to use our system will make it difficult for candidates and other employers to schedule as needed. This schedule allows you to keep track of all your interviews in one convenient location linking directly to the candidate profiles.  

Employer Interview Teams

To share the schedule and candidate profiles with other members of your interview team, the employer of record (the registered employer) should share login credentials.  It is recommended that you change your password to something that you do not use elsewhere.  You can add additional "contact people" within each virtual event job post to direct candidate questions.  

TPE 365: Year-Round Job Board

Find Your Candidate Year-Round

  • You can post a position on our online job board all year long. An online job post credit is payment that will allow you to post your job. You can purchase one or more job credits via credit card or purchase order. When you're ready to post your position to the TPE job board, you simply apply one of your purchased job credits to the job posting.
  • Unused job post credits expire 365 days after the date of purchase. 
  • Job posts on the Placement Exchange are broken into 30-day, 60-day and 90-day posts. These job post credits can be purchased as single posts or as a pack of 3, 5, and 10. Online job credits expire one year after date of purchase.


30-Day Post: Purchase credits to post on the TPE Online Job for 30 consecutive days.

  • $175.00... SINGLE POST

60-Day Post: Purchase credits to post on the TPE Online Job Board for 60 consecutive days.

  • $225.00... SINGLE POST

90-Day Post: Purchase credits to post your job on the TPE Online Job Board for 90 consecutive days

  • $275.00... SINGLE POST

BEST VALUE: 3-PACK Save 20% | 5-PACK Save 25% | 10-PACK Save 25%


Quick Stats

  • 96%

    The percentage of candidates who recommend the TPE Event
    to fellow candidates

  • 13,084

    The record-breaking number of onsite interviews conducted during the TPE Event

  • 99%

    The percentage of employers who recommend the TPE Event
    to their colleagues

New Conference Jobs

Resident Director

University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA

Residence Life Coordinator

University of South Carolina-Beaufort
Bluffton, SC
FIU - Florida International University
Miami, FL

Residential Area Coordinator

Brown University
Providence, RI