TPE OnsiteEmployers

  • Katy Pelton | Employer

    We are able to meet a diverse group of potential new employees who are just as excited to explore their employment opportunities.

    The positive atmosphere of TPE Onsite gives energy to everyone on both sides of the hiring process.

  • Tomas Jimenez | Employer

    Connecting with professionals in person and telling our story was very important to the search.

    I was blown away with the quality of professionals I met at TPE Onsite.

TPE Onsite Event

The Top Placement Event in the Country

Each year, we are excited to welcome back the hundreds of institutions who have been with TPE Onsite since 2008 and we extend our hardiest “welcome aboard” to first-time attendees! With the careful planning of our event team, innovative technology, unmatched customer service, and 1,000 candidates in attendance, TPE Onsite is a proven choice for securing first-rate candidates for your positions, teams, and institutions. 

Whether you need assistance with position marketing, interview scheduling, receptions, candidate connections, or help navigating the beautiful city of Philadelphia, we aim to be your go-to crew. It is no accident that 99% of employers recommend TPE Onsite to their colleagues. We look forward to keeping our record strong and partnering with you to make this your best placement experience ever.

TPE Onsite is the premiere job placement event. The 2020 event will be held from March 25 - March 28 in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center.  Averaging 900 candidates, this comprehensive placement event is the #1 cost-effective opportunity to screen and interview the top Student Affairs candidates in person.

For the past ten years, The Placement Exchange has focused on providing a high-quality, comprehensive job search experience which prepares candidates for every aspect of the search process. This effort is led by a team of professionals who are experts in our field and represent the numerous functional areas in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Through our commitment to excellence, strong customer service, professional development, and education, we devote our energy to building a positive, synergistic, innovative, and educational career placement experience for all TPE stakeholders.


TPE Onsite 2020 Event Registration and Pricing

Registration will open on October 1, 2019 at 12pm EST

TPE Onsite accommodates the needs of employers to create the ideal interviewing environment to meet and connect with candidates.

by JAN 10
by FEB 14
after FEB 14
Registration Package includes:
  • (1) standard interview table 
  • (1) standard event job post credit
  • Access to Interview Hall for entire interview team
$395 $465 $565
For an additional cost, upgrade your registration package items from standard to premium.
Premium Event Job Post Credit
Premium Interview Booth



For an additional cost, add more items to your registration package.
Event Job Post Credit
   Standard Job Post
   Premium Job Post

Interview Table
   Standard Interview Table 
   Premium Interview Booth

Private Recruitment Reception
   Wednesday  |  Thursday  |  Friday
   Time 1:  7-8:30pm   |   Time 2:  9-10:30pm 









Interview Tables

Standard Interview Table

A standard interview table is located in an open pipe and draped area with upwards of 50 other tables. The standard space comes fully carpeted with (1) 4-foot table with white vinyl liner and (3) standard folding chairs. Standard tables will NOT be skirted.  (Table skirts can be purchased as part of a Table Kit. More information will be sent out to registered employers in January.) 


  • One (1) 4-Foot Table
  • White Vinyl Liner
  • 3 Standard Folding Chairs
  • Not skirted (it is recommended you bring a table covering that will accomodate a 4-foot table.)

Premium Interview Booth

A premium interview booth consists of an 8’x6’ interview space that is semi-private with 8’ back and side draping that separates your space from the next interview space. The premium interview booth comes fully carpeted with (1)  table with white vinyl liner, a skirted side table for additional workspace, and (3) standard folding chairs.


  • 10' x 8' interview space
  • Back and side draping for semi-private space
  • 1 6-ft table with white vinyl liner for interviewing
  • 1 4-ft table that is skirted for additional workspace
  • 3 standard folding chairs
Onsite Job Post

Standard Onsite Job Post Credit

A standard onsite job post credit is applied to a position that is open for applications submitted by registered TPE Onsite candidates only. The position is not viewable by candidates who are not registered to attend the TPE Onsite event.

Premium Onsite Job Post Credit

A premium onsite job post credit is applied to a position that is open for applications submitted by all candidates to apply. For some positions, employers are accepting applications from all job seekers, including both registered and non-registered TPE Onsite candidates. If the position is viewable from a candidate’s TPE account, he/she is eligible to apply.

Recruitment Reception

Private Networking / Reception Space

Employers can reserve private space to invite and network with TPE Onsite candidates in a private room in the LA Convention Center. The capacity of each reception space is approximately 70 people (approximation does not include food and beverage or audiovisual needs). Receptions will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of TPE. 

For Spring 2020, ALL receptions will take place in the Austin Convention Center, conveniently located in close proximity to one another. 

Reservations are confirmed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Workroom & Resources

Employer Onsite Orientation

Join the TPE Employer Development Team to get an overview of the event from the employer's point of view!

Employer Workroom

In the employer workroom you will find all the supplies you need--from staples to shredders--to make your recruitment a success. This area is staffed with TPE Onsite committee members to assist with your questions and needs. 

Mail System

The onsite mail system provides physical mailbox slots (dimensions: 9-3/4"W x 12-1/2" D x 2-1/2" H) for employer teams and candidates. Volunteer staff deliver mail between employers and candidates.

Employers have the option of corresponding with candidates via (1) email or (2) the onsite mail system. Please ensure that your recruitment materials (e.g. message slips, brochures, promotional items, etc.) fit comfortably inside the mailbox slot. If your recruitment materials do not fit inside the mailbox slot, please keep them at your interview table and distribute it to candidates once you meet with them in person; event staff will not distribute materials that are not stored inside a mailbox slot.

Quick Stats

  • 96%

    The percentage of candidates who recommend TPE Onsite
    to fellow candidates

  • 13,084

    The record-breaking number of onsite interviews conducted during TPE Onsite

  • 99%

    The percentage of employers who recommend TPE Onsite
    to their colleagues

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