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Job Post Credit
  • What is a job post credit?

    A job post credit is an advance payment on a job post. Think of it as “store credit”—employers can purchase credits now and apply them to job posts later. Credits are used to:

    • Activate a job post (i.e. publish to the Job Board)
    • Extend the time period of an active job post
    • Renew an inactive job post (i.e. post an expired job back on the Job Board)

    Standard online job post credits expire one year from date of purchase.

  • How do I apply a job credit?
    1. Log in to TPE employer account
    2. Navigate to Manage Job Postings menu
    3. Go to (draft/active/inactive) job post
    4. Select job credit from Credit dropdown
    5. Click Apply/Extend/Renew button
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TPE Onsite - Mail System
  • What is the mail system?

    The onsite mail system provides physical mailbox slots (dimensions: 9-3/4"W x 12-1/2"D x 2-1/2"H) for employer teams and candidates. Volunteer staff deliver mail between employers and candidates.

    TPE Onsite participants have the option of corresponding via (1) email or (2) the onsite mail system. Please ensure that your materials (e.g. message slips, etc.) fit comfortably inside the mailbox slot; event staff will not distribute materials that are not stored inside a mailbox slot.

TPE Onsite - Candidate Registration
TPE Onsite - Employer Registration
  • Can I add other items to my TPE Onsite registration at a later date?

    Employers can log back into your profile to purchase event upgrades or add-ons after you purchase your event registration.

  • How do I register my TPE Onsite interview team?

    Registered employers can log into their TPE account and, from their dashboard, add the names and email address of their interview team members. Team members will be provided an event badge and access to event areas while at TPE Onsite. Adding interview team member information does not create accounts for team members and does not provide colleagues with access to the online employer account.

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