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  • This panel session will include a mix of recent candidates and employers to provide insight into different types of opportunities based on functional area, institution type, geographic locations, etc. and how and how to best navigate the job search for a particular interest area.  Hear from panelists who found positions in various types of roles, including those that differed from their graduate practicum.

    This series, geared towards 2nd-year graduate students, will provide a “jumpstart” to the job search process. Sessions will provide practical tips for job search readiness to help participants stand out among other candidates.

  • Are my housing and residence life experience useful in different departments? Can I move from student conduct to student activities? What is the transition to a different department like? Join the Candidate Development Team to learn more about transitioning to a different department leveraging your current (and useful) skills! LAst year, 63% of TPE Onsite jobs were in Housing and Residence Life.  And, almost 40% were in other functional areas.  At TPE, you can apply for and interview for jobs in many different functional areas.  This session will feature a panel of student affairs professionals who will detail their experiences transitioning into and out of different departments so you can be more ready to interview for different types of positions. 

    Previously Recorded :

  • It’s now May and you STILL haven’t heard anything. Don’t fret! Many candidates are in the same boat and are fixated on waiting by the phone (or computer) to hear a response. At least I was. The post-interview wait can be agonizing, especially if you feel like you did very well. Some of you may have heard back from employers, and that’s great! For those of you who still haven’t heard anything, we will discuss the reasons why that may be! View this previously recorded virtual session as a part of the NASPA Virtual Conference for Emerging Professionals from May 7th, 2020.

  • Forrest Gump’s mom said it best, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” During this difficult time during a global pandemic, this holds more true than ever before. How does one transition into their first professional position in a time of great change and uncertainty so thick that you could cut it with a knife? This session gives you some thoughts to ponder and some tips for helping aid you in that transition.

  • Join us for a panel featuring Student Affairs professionals with international work experience! The panel will focus on both international visa holders looking for higher education and student affairs employment in the US, and domestic citizens looking for Student Affairs related work outside the United States. Save the date and join us for this FREE session.  Panelists will include an SA pro working internationally,  an international status SA Pro working in the US, and an expert in International Work.