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Posted 2 weeks ago Full-Time

Job Details

Position Title:

Academic Advisor or Senior Academic Advisor

Job Type: Other
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Positions Available: 1
Institution Type: Public, 4-year
Institution Size: 30,000 & Over Students
Employer ID: 18975
Application Deadline: 12/11/2018

Stated Non-Discrimination Policy

Gender Expression / Identity Sexual Orientation


Additional Compensation:
See compensation and benefits information in job description.
Housing for Position:
None provided
Additional Compensation:
See compensation and benefits information in job description.
Housing for Position:
None provided
Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs, Other Education, Other

Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs, Other Education, Other

Position Description

The College of Biological Sciences is a college of approximately 2200 undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the life sciences at the University of Minnesota. The college offers eight majors and ten minors to prepare students to solve biological problems facing our world.

CBS Student Services is a team of 18 professional staff members; each contributing to the shared responsibility of advancing the mission and vision of the college. These staff serve students in three functional areas: academic advising, career coaching, and student engagement. The person in this role will join a team of eight others focused on academic advising, and will have a student caseload of about 275 undergraduate students. This role reports to the Assistant Director for Academic Advising.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Academic Advising (70%)
The cornerstone of academic advising is the ability to build authentic relationships with individuals with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and identities. The responsibility of this role is to first build relationships, then utilize those relationships to holistically support and guide students throughout their undergrad career.

Build authentic relationships with students as you:

  • Connect with students through one-on-one appointments, drop-in advising, group advising, telephone and email communication
  • Guide students through the process of formulating personalized educational plans and strategies for academic success that are reflective of their unique set of values, strengths, interests, and identities
  • Implement the CBS advising philosophy to foster student learning and success
  • Help students build skills and make commitments that guide their educational plans,
  • facilitate timely graduation, and make progress toward career goals
  • Communicate the value of the liberal education curriculum within STEM
  • Apply organizational and student development theory to guide students in reflection on their decisions and plans
  • Champion the value of engagement in co-curricular experiences and how they connect to students’ academic and career goals
  • Utilize a holistic advising model to guide, challenge, and support students in becoming self-reliant and learning to make important reflective decisions about major, personal, and career aspirations
  • Help students navigate policies and procedures and determine when exceptions may be appropriate.
  • Coach students on making registration choices that promote timely and realistic degree progress
  • Strategically refer to campus resources, including how they contribute to retention and an outstanding student experience
  • Serve as a cultural navigator of the system of higher education

Technical competence is crucial in leveraging university-wide systems to provide excellent student support, make data-informed decisions, and focus efforts most efficiently. The person in this role will be trained in the many systems required to advise effectively.

  • Develop a high level of competency in the University’s student success tools (APLUS, APAS, Schedule Builder, PeopleSoft, etc.) as you:
  • Conduct timely outreach to students as needs arise to meet student need, build relationships, and encourage timely degree completion
  • Review student progress reports at key academic markers, such as probation, degree application, or major declaration to determine appropriate next steps for student success.
  • Maintain accurate records about student interactions in order to best support the student as they navigate campus, and engages a campus-wide wide effort to provide informed, nuanced student support

Program Development & Management (20%)

  • Design and implement student development activities based on assessment data and best practices.
  • Manage select student services initiatives and programs by identifying needs, outcomes, and resources, and evaluating effectiveness
  • Collaborate with faculty and campus staff to develop programs and plans to effectively deliver advising and support services to students
  • Participate in Student Services efforts to improve retention rates, four-year graduation rates, and student satisfaction.

Professional Development & Service (10%)

  • Commitment to ongoing social justice and racial equity work in order to identify, challenge, and remove barriers to access at the individual, community, and system level
  • Engage in professional development and service activities related to the advising and student services profession, within the University of Minnesota community and beyond.
  • Continue professional development and scholarly activity in the field of academic advising to maintain knowledge of trends and best practices (e.g., membership in professional associations, attendance at conferences and seminars, write and publish articles, serve on teams and collaborate with other professional groups, etc.)
  • Participate on Student Services, College and University-wide committees as requested

For more information about working in CBS Student Services, visit:

The application deadline for this position is December 11, 2018. Funds are available for travel expenses for finalists.

Starting salary and classification is determined by candidate’s previous experience, with a focus on experience obtained after conferral of master’s degree. Minimum starting salary of $41,900 for candidates applying immediately after graduate school. 

The University of Minnesota has a wide array of benefits available as a professional and administrative employee, such as:
• University paid contribution (10% of your salary) to your retirement account - vested immediately.
• 22 paid vacation days per year, in addition to sick leave and 11 paid holidays.
• Reduced tuition opportunities covering 75% of eligible tuition.
• Excellent and affordable health care benefits.
• Wellness program with opportunity to earn lower health care rates.
• Free disability insurance.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Qualifications
    • Master's degree.
    • Previous experience in an educational setting performing academic advising or student support activities.
    • Evidence of effective relationship-building, team-building, and oral/written communication skills
    • Ability to effectively communicate across race, class, and culture
    • Demonstrated commitment to fostering student learning and applying organizational/student development theory to work with students
  • Preferred Qualifications
    • Master's degree in higher education and student affairs, college student personnel psychology, counseling, social work, or field transferrable to advising
    • Previous academic advising experience
    • Familiarity with the challenges and opportunities of working with STEM students
    • Knowledge of assessment best practices

Application Information

The job posting is number 327738 on the UMN Employment site-

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