Area Coordinator and Student Judicial Coordinator

University of Minnesota-Morris  |  Morris, MN

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Job Overview

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Job Details

Position Title:

Area Coordinator and Student Judicial Coordinator

Onsite Event Position ID: 1798
Job Type: Housing/Residence Life Student Conduct
Location: Morris, MN
Positions Available: 1
Institution Type: Public, 4-year
Institution Size: < 2,000 Students
Employer ID: 14842

Stated Non-Discrimination Policy

Gender Expression / Identity Sexual Orientation


Salary Range:
$28,000 - $38,000
Additional Compensation:
Two bedroom on campus apartment and annual meal plan valued at $13,000
Housing for Position:
Domestic Partners Allowed:
Salary Range:
$28,000 - $38,000
Additional Compensation:
Two bedroom on campus apartment and annual meal plan valued at $13,000
Housing for Position:
Domestic Partners Allowed:
Masters Preferred, Bachelors Required
Major Preference:
No Preference

Masters Preferred, Bachelors Required
Major Preference:
No Preference

Position Description

Position Responsibilities:

A. Serve as Residential Life Area Coordinator (75%)
1.  Work with students and staff to create model living environments that foster student success.
•    Create a model living environment where all students feel at home and college success is 
supported. Build community. Foster student learning, persistence, and success.
•    Help students achieve their academic and co-curricular goals.  Support staff in connecting 
residents with student organizations, services, resources, and programs; mediating conflicts; and 
addressing concerns.  Foster resident learning including the development of resiliency, time 
management, intercultural competence, effective problems solving skills, and healthy lifestyles.
•    Support student and community health and wellbeing. Model and apply effective approaches to 
solving problems and fostering healthy life choices.  Maintain health and safety standards.
•    Foster safe, respectful living environments. Ensure the rights and privacy of all residents. 
Assist residents in taking responsibility for their behavior.
•     Address student health, welfare and safety concerns with Residential Life, Campus Police, 
Student Counseling, Student Affairs, and other response team members; assist Res Life and other 
staff members in managing critical events and emergencies.
•     Oversee and manage three Residential theme floors: Healthy Lifestyles, World Cultures and 
First Nations. Serve as a liaison and develop good working relationships with campus and community 
partners for theme floors; develop shared program model and structures.

2.  Build an effective staff team responsible for creating strong, healthy, diverse on-campus 
•     Assist with student staff recruitment, selection, and training.
•    Supervise student Hall Directors (HDs) and Community Advisors (CAs) supporting their 
development as peer mentors and paraprofessionals; serve as a role model and resource to them, 
provide mentoring, feedback and evaluation; lead weekly staff meetings and in-services.
•    Interpret, explain, and support department, campus and university policies.
•    Provide timely, accurate, and candid information on significant incidents/issues to 
Residential Life

3.  Coordinate hall administration and facilities management for David C. Johnson Independence 
Clayton A. Gay Hall and Blakely Hall and assist with Residential Life program development.
•    Coordinate hall opening, closing, room assignments, room changes, housing reports, 
communication, documentation and facility access.
•    Establish effective working relationships with building, grounds, and maintenance staff 
•    Assist the Assistant Director for Housing, Facilities and Operations in facilitating room 
•    Share Residential Life program-wide on-call and Student Life Hospital on-call 
•     Coordinate designated Residential Life initiatives. Assist with events and program 

4. Summer Responsibilities
•     Coordinate summer housing, including supervision of Community Advisors and students living on 
campus. Coordinate room change process for students moving into summer housing.
•     Assist with summer camps and conferences.
•     Assist in planning and implementing CA training and other summer projects.

B.  Play a key role on the Residential Life and Student Affairs Student Conduct Leadership Team 
•     In collaboration with the Director of Residential and Community Life, Assistant Director for 
Student Life, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and others, implement effective student judicial 
services supporting the commitment to providing a safe, secure, and respectful educational 
•     As a key member of the Residential Life and Student Affairs student conduct leadership teams 
ensure timely, effective response to student conduct issues and incidents in accordance with 
Residential Life and University protocols, policies and procedures.
•     Prioritize student and campus safety and wellbeing, due process, and the collaborative 
resolution of conflict. Work to deescalate, address, and resolve student conflicts through the most 
effective and least disruptive approaches with consideration to the severity of the issue.
•     Coordinate Res Life student conduct incident response documentation and review; manage the 
housing application behavioral review process. Serve as Student Behavior Committee co-secretary.
•     Ensure timely and thorough communication, good practice, and thorough documentation of 
Residential Life and Student Life disciplinary processes using Maxient case management software.

The employer reserves the right to modify, change or add to the duties of this position, consistent 

with the classification description, at any time.

Job Requirements

Essential knowledge, skills and abilities:
A Bachelor’s degree and knowledge of housing operations on a college/university campus is required. 
A Master’s degree and progressive leadership experience in Residential Life is preferred.

The successful candidate will demonstrate: skills in and a commitment to student development, 
community building, sustainable living, participatory leadership, human relations, and effective 
communication; a commitment to building a diverse, inclusive campus and living community; a 
commitment to professional development. Preferred qualifications include: a commitment to the value 
of a liberal arts education and an understanding of issues impacting historically underrepresented 
student populations (e.g. students of  color; American Indian students; gay, lesbian, bisexual and 
transgendered students; low-income students, and/or first generation college students); a record of 
success working in inclusive, diverse staff teams; a record of collaboration with students, 
faculty, staff, and campus and community programs; experience interpreting and applying department 
and university policies; familiarity with student judicial processes, and the demonstrated ability 
to respond to critical incidents, issues, and emergencies.

Application Information

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