Assistant Director of Residence Education

Georgia Southern University  |  Statesboro, GA

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Job Overview

Posted January 05, 2018 Full-Time

Job Details

Position Title:

Assistant Director of Residence Education

Onsite Event Position ID: 1256
Job Type: Housing/Residence Life
Location: Statesboro, GA
Positions Available: 1
Institution Type: Public, 4-year
Institution Size: < 20,000 Students
Employer ID: 349
Application Deadline: 03/20/2018


Salary Range:
Housing for Position:
Salary Range:
Housing for Position:
Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs, Other Education
2-4 Years

Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs, Other Education
2-4 Years

Position Description

The Assistant Director is responsible for the guidance and implementation of a learning based community (2000 - 2500 residents) in a residential environment of approximately 5000 residents.  The Assistant Director will have direct supervision of 5 Master’s Degree Resident Directors and indirect supervision of 45-60 graduate and student staff. Supporting an environment focused on engaging students in their academic success and social development is a priority for this position.  The Assistant Director will participate in the creation, execution and evaluation of a residential program including living learning environments and a residential curriculum model. Central duties can include responsibility for departmental training, development, selection, student leadership and assessment. The Assistant Director of Residence Education reports to the Associate Director of Residence Education. 

Job Requirements

Job Specifications/Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Higher Education Student Services, Counseling or a Related Field.
  • 3-5 years of post-masters, progressive experience in a supervisory position in a residence hall environment. Five years preferred.
  • A strong desire to work directly with college students.
  • Demonstrated skills in the following areas: leadership, supervision, crisis intervention, group dynamics, flexibility, professionalism, and programming in a residence hall setting.
  • Committed to education, celebration of diversity and raising social awareness.
  • Ability to move objects up to 25 lbs. with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Serve in a second tier on-call emergency response rotation. Respond to emergencies in on-campus residence halls with or without accommodation.

Duties and Responsibilities

A. Staff Supervision/Development: The Assistant Director of Residence Education is responsible for the direct supervision of five professional Resident Directors, and indirect supervision of two to three Graduate Assistants and up to 75 student staff.   Specific tasks include:

  • Leading or participating on committees for the selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of Resident Directors, Graduate Resident Directors, Graduate Assistants, Resident Advisors, Desk Assistants, etc.
  • Developing intentional practices to assist the development and growth of professional staff, including formal and informal evaluations
  • Maintaining an awareness of human resources practices and working collaboratively with the University Housing HR Manager.
  • Meeting regularly with area Resident Directors and as needed with the student staff to establish intentional outcomes for work.
  • Directly monitoring actions and activities of Resident Directors and student staff to ensure established policies and procedures are being adhered to.
  • Assisting with staff training and in-service programs throughout the year and presenting workshops and staff development programs.

B. Student Learning & Curriculum Development: The Assistant Director of Residence Education is responsible for establishing a learning focused environment conducive to the academic success and personal growth of residents.   Specific developmental duties include:

  • Developing, implementing and assessing residence hall curriculum and learning outcomes in coordination with the Associate Director of Residence Education. Training Resident Director staff on curriculum and learning outcomes implementation.
  • Utilizing various theories of student development and learning, personal skills and appropriate resources in assisting residents with academic and personal roadblocks.
  • Assisting in the development of living learning communities while serving on advisory boards for those communities.
  • Option to serve as an instructor for the LEAD 3900 leadership course, sponsored through the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement, for prospective Resident Advisor candidates.
  • Supporting the curricular needs of Resident Directors serving as LEAD 3900 instructors. Providing guidance on instructional techniques and curricular development.  
  • Maintaining cooperative partnerships with various campus partners.
  • Presenting programs and training workshops to students, staff and faculty on campus as well as higher education peers at professional conferences.
  • Maintaining a high level of contact with students and staff by walking through all buildings in the area on a regular basis.
  • Intervening with student staff who demonstrate a need for academic assistance. 

C. Community Development: The Assistant Director of Residence Education works with the Resident Directors and the student group advisors to develop student governing bodies which will coordinate educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities within the area.  Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining frequent contact with students and staff members by attending programs and by visiting staff and students in the residence halls.  Accountable for all programs and activities in the area.
  • Providing support to residence hall leadership groups by assisting with recruitment, training, leadership development, and advising as needed or assigned.
  • Supervising the professional advisor of one departmental leadership organization (Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, and Community Leaders United), serving as advisor as needed.
  • Monitoring the area’s financial records to ensure all funds are being used in accordance with established guidelines.

D. Student Conduct: The Assistant Director of Residence Education is responsible for enforcing the behavioral standards set by Georgia Southern University, the Dean of Students Office, and University Housing.  Responsibilities include:

  • Working in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office and University Police, establishing consistent and appropriate procedures for handling violations of regulations in the specified area.
  • Utilizing Maxient software to assign charges, reviewing analytics of policy violations and following up with Resident Directors.
  • Adjudicating formal conduct cases of university violations (as needed) and hear first level appeals by implementing corrective action in a timely, consistent, and thorough manner.
  • Keeping the Associate Director of Residence Education and the Office of Student Conduct informed of Student Conduct Code incidents. Following up on incidents with staff members and students until issues are resolved.
  • Ensuring students and staff members are aware of the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of Georgia Southern University as outlined in the Student Conduct Code.

E. Crisis Intervention and Risk Management: The Assistant Director of Residence Education is responsible for responding to the group and personal needs of the students in the area.  Responsibilities include:

  • Direct and actively respond to various crisis situations including student health (mental and physical), alleged violence, facilities concerns, etc.
  • Communicate and follow up with students and parents as allowed under established policies.
  • Advise individuals and groups of students with personal or academic concerns, making referrals when appropriate.
  • Develop duty schedules for two tiers of crisis response personnel.
  • Serve as the on-campus senior level crisis management on call person, being responsible for the welfare of 5,000+ students, during assigned duty weeks.

F.  Residence Hall Administration: The Assistant Director of Residence Education is responsible for implementing effective management practices in handling the day-to-day operations of the halls.  Specific administrative duties include:

1.  Assignments

  • Use RMS/Mercury software to run reports, make room changes as needed, verify occupancy, and manage fees as appropriate.
  • Use Stanley software to manage student and staff access to residence halls.
  • Ensure Resident Directors maintain accurate occupancy records (rosters and floor plans) and provide them to Housing’s Administrative Services personnel.
  • Consult with Administrative Services regarding room changes, contract cancellations, billing, etc.
  • Respond to resident needs before referring them to the Housing Office, thus increasing student satisfaction.
  • Respond to appeals regarding student staff member housing contracts.

2.  Facilities

  • Work cooperatively with Residential Facilities management to ensure the physical environment is maintained at an optimum level.
  • Report and actively follow up on repairs, damages, and improvements as needed to the Assistant Director of Residential Facilities.
  • Investigate cases of vandalism and other damages to the residence hall(s) and endeavor to recover replacement costs from responsible person(s).

3.  Emergency Assistance and Safety requirements

  • Maintain awareness of all safety features within each residence hall.
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures regarding emergency response in the residence halls.

4.  General Administration

  • Develop and monitor procedures to deal with check-in, check-out, room changes, rosters, key   control, office supplies, maintenance and custodial complaints, inventory sheets, damage reports, etc.
  • Submit semester reports, as well as other reports as requested.
  • Maintain regular office hours on a weekly basis, while being available to students and staff beyond traditional office hours.
  • Follow all procedures and policies related to handling of area budget.  Use Quicken software to document and monitor account expenditures.  Create purchase card documentation packets monthly as applicable.

G.  Staff Selection, Training and Development

  • Chair a selection and/or training committees for Resident Advisors, Graduate Resident Directors, or Resident Directors.
  • Establish interview and selection processes to select qualified staff members while ensuring equity and diversification of staff is achieved.
  • Develop and evaluate learning outcomes for assigned level of staff training and development.
  • Align development and training activities with strategic goals and objectives of the University, University Housing, and Residence Education

H.  Other responsibilities

  • Respond to any departmental needs in the absence of the Associate Director of Residence Education.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Director of Residence Education or University Housing.

Application Information

Please visit: (Posting #STA001685). Candidates must apply on the Human Resources website to be considered for an on-campus interview.

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