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Position Title:

Associate Dean, Student Life

Job Type: Student Affairs Administration
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Positions Available: 1
Institution Type: Other,
Institution Size:
Employer ID: 29390
Application Deadline: 06/14/2019


Housing for Position:
None provided
Housing for Position:
None provided
Masters Required
Major Preference:
Student Affairs

Masters Required
Major Preference:
Student Affairs

Position Description

Santa Monica College


Associate Dean, Student Life

Salary: $135,301 - $156,851

Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2019


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Position Profile 

Under direction of the Vice President of Student Affairs, works in collaboration with area faculty and staff to monitor and assist with all programs in the Student Life area.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Oversee the overall operation of the Student Life office.

• Supervise and approve all student activities as necessary.

• Review and determine issuance of permits for student activities venues.

• Serve as the advisor to the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors, Activity Committee, Finance Committee, Joint Council, and the Constitution Committee, and attend meetings of the Board and Committees. 

• Provide daily supervision to the AS Board of Directors and Commissioners.

• Supervise the spring AS elections.

• Approve all AS expenditures and monitor the AS annual budget and other categorical budgets.

• Attend, and provide supervision, to AS Board of Directors and Commissioners field trips, on campus activities, and off campus activities.

• Plan and maintain a program of leadership development for student leaders.

• Oversee and monitor the Associated Students Website and Social media platforms –including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, announcements for distribution, and smart phone applications.

• Build a mentoring relationship with students and student leaders.

• Advise and consult with the District's Administration on campus life matters and activities.

• Assist in the coordination of services and resources related to Student-Social Justice needs on campus. These include food insecurities, gender equity, homelessness, legal resources, and resources for other marginalized student populations.

• Exercise good judgment in identifying and preventing liability situations, including but not limited to those pertaining to District policies and regulations, and communicate liability concerns to the District as appropriate.

• Oversee the Faculty Club Advisor training, orientation, and yearly activities.

• Coordinate and monitor the SMC Civic Engagement Program to include identifying volunteer opportunities for SMC students and student clubs, tracking volunteer hours, and organizing recognition related activities for program participants.

• Represent SMC District at local and state meetings pertinent to assignment, and serve as a member of the California Community College Student Affairs Association.

• Assist student leaders in coordinating student activities with campus programs, Academic departments, and the community.

• Plan and coordinate annual summer training retreat for the AS Board of Directors, and assist the directors in planning and coordinating the Board's winter training retreat.

• Plan equity trainings for student leaders.

• Supervise and evaluate classified staff and student employees as assigned.

• Provide ongoing reports and other materials as assigned.

• Participate in participatory governance and administrative committees as assigned.

• Perform other administrative duties as assigned.




The Santa Monica Community College District is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. 

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

Possess a Master's degree from an accredited college or university in a discipline related to the administrative assignment. No less than one (1) year of teaching or counseling experience. No less than one (1) year of educational administrative experience in student services and/or direct experience as a student services provider.


Evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the socio-economic, academic, cultural and ethnic diversity within the college student population including students with physical and/or learning disabilities as these factors relate to differences in learning styles.


Preferred Qualifications

• Ability to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

• Experience and training in conflict resolution.

• Relate effectively with a widely diverse student population, faculty, and community.

• Knowledge of retention strategies to increase student success for marginalized student populations.

• Know and use good judgment in the interpretation of policies, regulations, and codes that relate to the program.

• Familiar with California Education Code and the Fiscal Crisis and Management Team Manual (FCMAT).

• Understand Roberts Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures.

• Work successfully in an atmosphere of collegial decision-making.

• Organizational skills necessary to direct multiple activities and programs.

• Successful administrative experience and understanding of a college environment, preferably at a community college.

• Demonstrate knowledge of issues that relate to student leadership and student success.

• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.

• Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.

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