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Position Title:

Community Director

Job Type: Career Services Communications Housing/Residence Life
Location: Wellesley, MA
Positions Available: 1
Institution Type:
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Employer ID: 30743


Housing for Position:
Housing for Position:
Masters Required
Major Preference:
No Preference

Masters Required
Major Preference:
No Preference

Position Description

Position Summary:

As a live-in professional staff member in the Department of Residential Life, the Community Director (CD) is responsible for creating an inclusive environment where students can connect in genuine ways to themselves and others. Community Directors utilize the residential platform as the focal point for engagement, synthesis and learning and serve as the primary metacurricular advocate for students as she pursues her social, intellectual, and personal development. Community Directors employ evidence-based student development theory and practices to guide students towards independence, resiliency and an empathetic worldview. Community Directors demonstrate collaborative leadership to students and professional colleagues, possess excellent written and oral communication skills, demonstrate fluency with systems and technology, and model a sense of community responsibility.

Community Directors lead small residential communities that average 400. Under the mentorship of Community Directors, the House Presidents and Resident Assistants lead the implementation of an exuberant and inclusive residential community. Additionally, Community Directors support the educational priority of a robust residential curriculum by the design and implementation of a focus area within residential life. Those focus areas may include: cultural competency; wellness and resilience; dialogue and meaning-making; connection and sense of belonging; servant leadership; conflict resolution.

This position requires frequent evening and weekend hours and the ability to effectively respond to student and campus emergencies with composure and maturity. The Community Director is considered “essential personnel” during campus or community crisis. The Community Director will demonstrate skillsets in conflict meditation, team building, parent communication, and an enthusiasm for working with students with diverse identities and backgrounds. Other duties for the Community Director include: 1) follow policies and procedures of Residential Life and Housing departments; 2) 24 hour emergency on-call member; 3) train and supervise student staffs; 4) advise House Councils; 5) manage house budgets; 6) support committee work across the college ; 7) create and design student-centered programs and opportunities; 8) provide administrative backup to the Office of Residential Life and Housing; 9)liaise with partners in facilities management to ensure the residential spaces are safe and comfortable,) other Department and Division projects as assigned.

Primary Position Responsibilities:

1. (50%): Leads a residential community through advising house leaders, on-going training, regular and consistent interactions with students in residence, hosting and advising programs and opportunities, advise governance of residential communities, empower House Presidents through significant advising and support, selecting a residential team.
2. (25%): Managing the day to day operations of a residential community through collaborative practices with facilities and housing assignments, fiscal oversight of house budgets, administrative support for the day to day needs of a vibrant residential community, emergency and on-call response and the adjudication of student conduct policy violations.
3. (15%): Coordinate and implement focus area within the residential curriculum through; staff trainings, residential programs, campus-wide retreats on focus area, on-going professional development for students, staff and faculty.
4. (5%): Other duties as assigned by the department.
5. (5%): Contributions to college and divisional mission through committee work, event support, and overall engagement to the life of the College.

Performance Profile:

1. Communicates regularly with student staff. Gives ongoing feedback and evaluation.
2. Executes high-quality and effective programs and opportunities in focus area.
3. Engenders a sense of trust from other through evidence of reliability and dedication.
4. Is highly collaborative with other departments on campus and seen as a resourceful member of the community.


Student staff of House Presidents and Resident Assistants.

Job Requirements

Education Required:

Masters degree required.

Experience Required:

1-3 years of residence life experience.

Skills and Abilities Required:

Experience of living in a diverse residential life community
Excellent written and oral communications skills.
Capacity to design and implement high quality residential experiences.
Organizational and time management skills.
Understanding of development issues for young adult women.
Crisis intervention and referral skills.


This position is on a 3-year cycle with the possibility of 1 additional year of renewal. At minimum, a one bedroom, one bath apartment on campus will be provided, along with one full meal plan valued at $8,000.

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