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Job Overview

Posted November 07, 2019 Full-Time

Job Details

Position Title:

Residential Life Coordinator

Onsite Event Position ID: 2283
Job Type: Housing/Residence Life
Location: Miami, FL
Positions Available: 3
Institution Type: Public, 4-year
Institution Size: < 30,000 Students
Employer ID: 29256
Application Deadline: 01/12/2020

Stated Non-Discrimination Policy

Gender Expression / Identity Sexual Orientation


Salary Range:
Additional Compensation:
Cell phone stipend of $100/month
Housing for Position:
Domestic Partners Allowed:
Housing Pets:
Cats, Dogs, Birds, Small pets in aquariums/cages
Salary Range:
Additional Compensation:
Cell phone stipend of $100/month
Housing for Position:
Domestic Partners Allowed:
Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs
0-1 Year

Masters Required
Major Preference:
Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Student Affairs
0-1 Year

Position Description

Housing and Residential Life at FIU seek Residential Life Coordinator candidates who go out of their way to build individual relationships with  and educate students within and outside of the residence hall community. We seek RLC candidates who have infectious positive energy to build authentic relationships and relate to different people from all backgrounds. We also recognize that if you are too rigid and rely too much on structure HRL at FIU may not be the place for you. Also if you are not able to take the intiative to get outside of your community and office, you will not be successfull in HRL at FIU. HRL at FIU is in the midst of implementing and operationalizing a residential curriculum. We therefore are looking for individuals who will approach new challenages and change in a respectful manner. We expect our staff to be self-directed problem solvers.

We will be honest; HRL at FIU is not for everybody. If you spend your time only venting to not solve anything, thrive in being a siloed environment, or your pron to disengage or disconnect mentally, emotionally, and physically then we are probably not for you. However, if you take a grown mindset approach, optimistic and enthusiastic about student learning and development, care personally and challenge directly, and naturaully collaborative we would love for you to apply to our RLC position!


Residential Life Coordinators (RLCs) are educators who are responsible for leading and educating the residence hall community. RLCs create, implement, and manage a comprehensive residential curricular plan designed to contribute to students’ personal development, community, social justice, and global responsibility.

The major areas of responsibility of the Residential Life Coordinator include the following:


Student Learning, Development, and Success

The RLC oversees the promotion of individual and group development through the implementation of the Residential Curriculum.  As an educator, the RLC will:

  • Develop intentional student interactions and learning strategies focused on the curricular experience.
  • Assess curriculum through the ongoing creation and development of lesson plans.
  • Assist at-risk students living on-campus by providing a transformative learning experience.
  • Provide support to living learning communities, student leadership advising, and academic initiatives as outlined by the department.
  • Monitor and hold staff accountable for planning, and evaluating student interactions and learning.
  • Foster and maintain relationships with university academic support services and oversee the referral of students to university resources. 
  • Intervene and make referrals as appropriate to individual and/or group concerns in a timely manner.
  • Provide basic counseling and crisis management interventions to students while educating appropriately; be an educator to student staff to be able to manage low-level referral situations.
  • Encourage staff to foster a learning-centered environment by educating students on University and HRL policies; proactively developing individual relationships with students, and listening to the individual needs of each student.
  • Oversee Learning Communities in area and assist in continuous development of programs and services to enhance these initiatives.
  • Serve on various departmental committees and collaterals to advance the educational experience, including but not limited to, diversity and inclusion, RA Training, and RA Recruitment and Selection.


The RLC supervises staff who are selected to be in their assigned residence hall(s).  As a supervisor, the RLC will:

  • Select, train, and supervise 9-15 Resident Assistants, and train and supervise one Assistant Residential Life Coordinator (typically a graduate student in the Higher Education Administration program at FIU).
  • Supervise clerical staff and a GA in the oversight of desk operations and student staff.
  • Plan and implement staff development that fosters learning.
  • Provide clear expectations for all staff members and hold staff accountable.
  • Challenge staff to think critically and to reflect on their leadership, ethics, and values.
  • Ensure staff understands and implements departmental and university mission/vision.
  • Maintain weekly one‑on‑one meetings and staff meetings.
  • Provide both on-going informal and formal performance feedback per Residential Life calendar for all staff.


The RLC ensures residents feel included and the community provides an environment where students are able to invest in academics and their community. As a role model and professional, the RLC will:

  • Collaborate with other RLCs and/or University offices/departments to facilitate student and academic success.
  • Provide supervision for the GA to ensure the Hall Council members are advised appropriately.
  • Challenge and support ARLC to work with student leaders developmentally with a focus on learning.
  • Create and develop an intentional and transformative residence hall community experience.
  • Encourage staff to interact with students and build healthy, appropriate relationships.
  • Encourage staff to be available and visible to students.
  • Promote positive interactions and decisions, which affirm individual responsibility, demonstrating respect for others, personal boundaries and University property.

Student Conduct and Crisis Intervention

The RLC responds and intervenes in crisis in a calm and professional manner. The RLC must demonstrate patience while being an educator during and after incidents. As a crisis responder and conduct officer, the RLC will:

  • Serve as a University hearing officer and case manager.
  • Follow up and provide support with staff and students regarding their involvement in incidents.
  • Manage the administrative process of conduct from beginning to closure of cases, while communicating effectively with the Assistant/Associate Director, the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution and other offices as needed.
  • Ensure ARLC adjudicates student conduct while utilizing a student learning approach.
  • Provide on-scene response to campus situations and provide support for RAs and ARLC in conjunction with emergency response personnel.
  • Educate staff to enforce University and Housing policies.
  • Participate in rotating professional staff on-call duty coverage for assigned coverage area during the full calendar year.

Administration & Building Management

The RLC maintains an efficient and effective residence hall operation. As an administrator, the RLC will:

  • Perform administrative duties to maintain a functioning residence hall complex, such as check‑in and check‑out, room transfers, key audits, occupancy reports, health and safety inspections, fire drills, other responsibilities related to the residential curriculum, etc.
  • Collaborate with the Housing Office staff to follow up with occupancy, room transfers, and student registration and payment issues.
  • Complete all paperwork in an accurate, thorough, and timely manner.
  • Conduct facilities walkthroughs and report ongoing facilities and safety/security concerns.
  • Monitor the physical maintenance of the hall in cooperation with Housing Facilities.
  • Maintain an efficient front desk, office operations, and budget.

Job Requirements

Preferred Qualifications

Master's Degree in related discipline and prior work experience in Housing and Residential Life. Graduate level residence life staff experience, supervising resident assistants and advising student organizations are preferred. Experience working with residential curriculum or curricular approach is strongly preferred.

This is a full‑time, 12 month, live‑in professional staff member of the Department of Housing and Residential Life at Florida International University reporting directly to an Assistant Director. RLCs must live in an apartment on campus in order to perform the duties of the RLC position. Apartments are furnished and utilities, cable, and internet are included.

RLC typical work hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday with additional nights and weekend commitments.

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