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Here I am with my dream job at a great school with a great group of people all thanks to that chance encounter at TPE Onsite.

Lerren Tyler

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  • Calling All First Year Grad Students | Become a TPE Ambassador

    TPE Ambassadors play a crucial role in supporting the success of students within their graduate program in navigating the job search process. This is an incredible professional development and service opportunity within the field of student affairs.

  • Meet the TPE Committee

    We are proud to announce the team of dedicated individuals that make up the 2016-2017 TPE Committee.

  • Hiring The Right Boss

    Supervision is a two-way street. Like any relationship, we all have different styles, expectations, wants, and needs. This article encourages job seekers to do some self-reflection and preparation to ensure their first job is a good match for both the future employer and prospective employee.

  • Finding The Right Fit

    When beginning a job search, we typically have criteria by which we evaluate job postings. To meet those criteria, we search for the “right” job. Although our previous and current experiences provide considerable data, we can never be certain if a different institutional type or a change in organizational unit will be the experience that suits us best. This article explores a model for considering the concept of “fit” and human resource practices on a broader level.

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    September 23: TPE Ambassador Application Deadline
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    October 3: TPE Onsite 2017 San Antonio, TX | Early Bird Registration

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North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC
Whatcom Community College
bellingham, WA
Whatcom Community College
bellingham, WA

Sociology Instructor

Ventura County Community College System Office
Ventura, CA
Other Institution
Kokomo, IN

Coordinator of Outcomes Assessment

North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC

Director for Student Success and Retention

Whatcom Community College - bellingham, WA

Director for Academic Advising and Career Services

Whatcom Community College - bellingham, WA

Sociology Instructor

Ventura County Community College System Office - Ventura, CA

Coordinator of Student Life and Campus Diversity

Other Institution - Kokomo, IN

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