TPE Virtual Spring 2022

Dates  |  March 14 - March 17

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    • Joseph Bozzo | Candidate | Volunteer

      TPE is a vibrant, supportive, developmental, and invigorating opportunity for me as a candidate and volunteer.

      From the warm welcome at check-in to the genuine care exhibited by the coaches and presenters, I felt that I had all I needed to give it my all when it came time for my interviews.

    • Tiffany Firestone | Candidate | TPE Intern

      I felt confident and excited to engage.

      I appreciated how positive everyone was and how much we all wanted the others to succeed. Thanks to TPE I found an incredible position that is a perfect fit. I wouldn't have known if it weren't for my ability to interview with so many institutions.

    • Kelli Dowd | Candidate | Volunteer

      I managed to find multiple positions working with service and leadership programming and was able to find exactly the position I was looking for.

      Thank you TPE for showing me the interview ropes!

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    Registration is open NOW!

    The time has finally come! Registration is now open for the spring TPE placement event and we are counting down the weeks until we go live in the virtual space. 

    TPE Virtual 2021 was a success and we are grateful to the 900 candidates and 150 employers who participated in over 3,000 interviews during TPE Virtual 2021. We hosted 26 workshops and educational sessions and coordinated over 100 candidate coaching sessions. TPE Virtual 2022 is keeping the momentum going as this year’s virtual event will bring roundtable discussions, institutional spotlights, career coaching, and so much more. 

    There is no denying that the landscape of higher education is shifting.  Workforce maintenance and enhancement is at the forefront of this shift. We are excited to move forward proactively, in-step with our membership, carving out innovative and meaningful paths forward. Building camaraderie with peers, networking, and gaining career boosting skills as both a candidate and recruiter is still our foundation. Finding your perfect job and making a strong professional hire is still our goal! A virtual platform will allow us to continue to strengthen our foundation, meet our goal, and evolve into a more diverse and robust experience. Read more.

    Mark your calendars for March 14-17, 2022. We look forward to seeing many of you as candidates, employers, and even volunteers at the TPE Virtual 2022 placement event!

    Sponsored by seven national student affairs organizations, The Placement Exchange is the one-stop shop for Student Affairs positions. Whether it is your first job in Student Affairs, or your next step up the organizational ladder, your search for a new and exciting future begins here. 

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    • Candidates

      Our flagship TPE event previously averaged 10,000 onsite interviews while creating a personalized, comfortable experience for candidates and employers. We are confident that a virtual setting will not only maintain a personalized interaction, but will enhance comfort levels and access to quality employers and candidates. 

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    • Employers

      Our flagship TPE event averages between 500-800 candidates over the past few years. By transitioning to a virtual event, the TPE Spring Event becomes a cost-effective way for even more candidates and employers to participate. Through the TPE Virtual Platform, employers will be able to efficiently and effectively screen and conduct "face-to-face" interviews with the top Student Affairs candidates in a condensed period of time.

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    • 2022 Schedule

      Schedule your interviews, check out the educational programs, and mark your calendars! Each day of TPE Virtual is an opportunity to connect with institutions, candidates, and new colleagues from all over the country! 

      Schedule coming January 2022!

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      The quick answers to all your TPE Virtual Event questions about registration, planning your trip, and much more!

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    Welcome to TPE 2021-2022

    It is with great enthusiasm that I get to serve as the TPE Chair for the 2021-2022 TPE Planning Committee and welcome you to The Placement Exchange. My time with TPE dates back to 2014 where I had the privilege to serve as an ambassador and intern while in grad school. It was during this time that I came to meet other dedicated practitioners and begin to discover who I wanted to be and the impact I wanted to have in the field. I am glad to have found a “professional” home in TPE and am grateful for the many opportunities to give back to an organization that has poured so much into me. This Queer Black womxn from the southside of Chicago never could have imagined becoming the chair for this amazing committee and I owe it to TPE (and many others) for helping me get to where I am. 

    This year’s TPE Planning Committee is ready and equipped; we are forward-thinking, innovative, flexible, and will be receptive to the needs of our constituents. TPE is more than placement; we are committed to providing a premier experience focused on career development, personal and professional exploration, and collaboration one connection at a time. Whether you are a candidate, employer, or completely new to TPE, I invite you to engage with our slate of events, educational programs, resources, and social media. We look forward to connecting with you!

    Kirby R. Gibson, M.S. | Assistant Director of Residence Education, East Neighborhood | Residence Education and Housing Services | Michigan State University

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    There are two types of job posts on The Placement Exchange for which candidates may apply.

    1)  Online Job Post: A position that is open for all candidates to apply, regardless of registration for the  TPE Virtual Event. Added daily, year-round. 

    2)  Event Job Post: A position that is only open for candidates who are registered for the TPE Virtual Event. Only candidates registered for TPE Virtual will be able to see full position details and have the opportunity to apply. Posted and active only until May 1 following the TPE VIrtual Event. 

    *Premium Event Job Post: A position that employers will accept applications from both registered and non-registered TPE candidates. If the position is viewable from your TPE account, you are eligible to apply. 

    New Conference Jobs

    Director of the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

    Lancaster, PA

    Community Director

    University of Arizona
    Tucson, AZ

    Resident Director

    Creighton University
    Omaha, NE
    Duke University
    Durham, NC