TPE Virtual 2023

 |  March 7-9, 2023

  • TPE 22' Candidate

    The format opened me up to possibilities outside of Housing and Residence Life, and allowed me to interview for positions that more closely align with my passion. I actually received a job offer from an institution better than anything I ever imagined for my first full-time position. Thanks to TPE, I have been alleviated of the pressure to find employment before graduation. I am looking forward to crossing the stage soon and embarking on this new journey!  Thank you, TPE!

  • TPE 22' Candidate

    Even though the week was hectic with the number of interviews and a full time job, it was so efficient and I felt like it was the best way to find a new position.

  • TPE 22' Candidate

    I really enjoyed how accessible this event was. I felt that I could search and find jobs very easily. I also felt there were a lot of institutions with a variety of positions

  • TPE 22' Employer

    TPE Virtual allowed me to have more staff participate in the recruitment at TPE because there was no additional costs with the number of people attending.

  • TPE 22' Employer

    It was great having access to candidates that might not have otherwise seen our postings.

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New Platform!

This will be a dynamic placement event that employers and candidates will love. Networking, strong engagement, meaingful connections are at the core of this year's placement event!

  • Candidates

    Our flagship TPE event previously averaged 10,000 onsite interviews while creating a personalized, comfortable experience for candidates and employers. We are confident that a virtual setting will not only maintain a personalized interaction, but will enhance comfort levels and access to quality employers and candidates. 

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  • Employers

    Our flagship TPE event averages between 500-800 candidates over the past few years. By transitioning to a virtual event, the TPE Spring Event becomes a cost-effective way for even more candidates and employers to participate. Through the TPE Virtual Platform, employers will be able to efficiently and effectively screen and conduct "face-to-face" interviews with the top Student Affairs candidates in a condensed period of time.

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  • 2023 Schedule

    Schedule your interviews, check out the educational programs, and mark your calendars! Each day of TPE Virtual is an opportunity to connect with institutions, candidates, and new colleagues from all over the country! 

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  • FAQs

    The quick answers to all your TPE Virtual Event questions about registration, planning your trip, and much more!

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    Looking for a job NOW? Ready to find your perfect candidate? Check out the year-round TPE Online Job Board. 

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    We have many volunteer opportunities year round where you can assist TPE in a variety of different areas.

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    Founded in 2008, the strength of The Placement Exchange comes from the combined resources of its partner associations.

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There are two types of job posts on The Placement Exchange for which candidates may apply.

1)  Online Job Post: A position that is open for all candidates to apply, regardless of registration for the  TPE Virtual Event. Added daily, year-round. 

2)  Event Job Post: A position that is only open for candidates who are registered for the TPE Virtual Event. Only candidates registered for TPE Virtual will be able to see full position details and have the opportunity to apply. Posted and active only until May 1 following the TPE VIrtual Event. 

*Premium Event Job Post: A position that employers will accept applications from both registered and non-registered TPE candidates. If the position is viewable from your TPE account, you are eligible to apply. 

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