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  • Beginning the Job Search Process

    Beginning your job search can be a daunting and overwhelming task. FORTUNATELY, you have several people on your side here to support and guide you as you embark on this transition in your life. Before creating your timeline, to-do lists, and folders to help keep you organized during your job search, there is some self-reflection in which you should partake.

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  • Hiring The Right Boss

    Supervision is a two-way street. Like any relationship, we all have different styles, expectations, wants, and needs. This article encourages job seekers to do some self-reflection and preparation to ensure their first job is a good match for both the future employer and prospective employee.

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  • Networking

    Networking isn’t about connecting your computer, phone, or tablet, per se—but, it is about connecting. There are numerous avenues candidates can take in connecting with potential employers and colleagues—be it at conferences, on campus, or through fellow colleagues. Did you know you have a “network”? Utilizing your network can create awareness of opportunities, connect you with potential champions, and benefit your search. Veteran professionals and employers will provide insight in to how utilize the people you know…or might want to know.

  • Résumé Content

    Need some assistance putting together your résumé? Do you need more ideas on developing solid content? What are employers drawn to? Join a panel of experts to hear their opinions about what stands out on visually appealing, content-driven résumés.

  • Who are we kidding? This job search is going to cost you some money! Learn more about how to navigate the TPE Onsite event and the job search on a fixed budget. Plus, learn tips and tricks to save some money.

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