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  • Choosing the Right Resume Format for You

    Your resume is your first impression and a narrative of your education and work experience. However, choosing the right format for your resume that highlights your achievement can be a daunting experience.

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  • Conducting Affirmative Searches

    TPE Executive-in-Residence Post: It is the responsibility of a hiring manager to set up an interview experience where all candidates are evaluated on a level playing field, and set up to do their very best. Doing so broadly across all aspects of the interview process will not only help bring out the best in your candidates, but will also allow candidates to experience all that your campus has to offer.

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  • Building Your Recruitment Dream Team

    In order to hire the best individual possible, it is vital that you have a trustworthy recruiting team that understands the mission and vision of the department/university, what it takes to be successful in that role, and a person who will accurately represent your institution while maintaining positive interactions.

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  • TPE is excited to launch its inaugural TPE Onsite: Summer face-to-face placement event in Denver, Colorado, July 6-7, 2018, immediately prior to the ACUHO-I Conference & Expo. Registration is now open online.

    Are you looking for a new position for yourself, or planning to add staff to your department over the next several months? Don’t miss the opportunity to find the perfect fit with The Placement Exchange this July!

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