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  • Choosing the Right Resume Format for You

    Your resume is your first impression and a narrative of your education and work experience. However, choosing the right format for your resume that highlights your achievement can be a daunting experience.

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  • Conducting Affirmative Searches

    TPE Executive-in-Residence Post: It is the responsibility of a hiring manager to set up an interview experience where all candidates are evaluated on a level playing field, and set up to do their very best. Doing so broadly across all aspects of the interview process will not only help bring out the best in your candidates, but will also allow candidates to experience all that your campus has to offer.

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  • Sep
    September 11: TPE Ambassador Program - Applications Open
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  • Oct
    October 01: TPE Spring Onsite Registration Opens at 12noon EST
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  • Oct
    October 02: TPE Ambassador Program - Application Deadline at 11:59pm PST
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  • Jan
    January 11: TPE Spring Onsite - Early-Bird Registration Ends
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    February 08: TPE Spring Onsite - Regular Registration Ends
  • : Career Coaching Program - Coming Soon
  • Feb
    February 13: Onsite Interview Scheduling Opens
  • Feb
    February 15: TPE Onsite ADA Requests Closes
  • Feb
    February 15: Interview Hall Service Order Deadline
  • Feb
    February 15: Add Onsite Interview Team Members
  • Feb
    February 15: Finalize Table Orders for Interview Hall
  • Mar
    March 06: TPE Spring Onsite 2019 Begins!
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  • Apr
    April 15: TPE Summer Onsite 2019 Registration Opens
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Upcoming Events

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  • Who are we kidding, this job search is going to cost you some money!  Come to learn more about how to navigate TPE and the job search on a fixed budget.  You will learn tips and tricks to save some money.  Featured presenters Derek Goeglein and Catherine Kellman.

  • As a person with a marginalized identity, the TPE experience may be challenging. Many people with marginalized identities going through the job search may experience, anxiety, imposter syndrome and even micro-agressions.  This webinar will focus on strategies that other professionals with marginalized identities have been able to use to navigate both TPE and the on-campus interview with success.  Featured presenters include: Kirby Gibson, Catherine Kellman, Edwin Serrano, Theresa McKire, and Nadir Sharif.

  • The candidate development team wants to make sure you are good to go!  Any questions that you have, we want to answer. If it didn’t fit anywhere else or you didn’t know who else to ask, we are here for you.  You can submit questions ahead of time to and we will do our best to give you the best strategies to win big at TPE 2019!

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