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  • Choosing the Right Resume Format for You

    Your resume is your first impression and a narrative of your education and work experience. However, choosing the right format for your resume that highlights your achievement can be a daunting experience.

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  • Conducting Affirmative Searches

    TPE Executive-in-Residence Post: It is the responsibility of a hiring manager to set up an interview experience where all candidates are evaluated on a level playing field, and set up to do their very best. Doing so broadly across all aspects of the interview process will not only help bring out the best in your candidates, but will also allow candidates to experience all that your campus has to offer.

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Important Dates

  • Feb
    February 14: TPE Virtual - Regular Registration Ends
  • Mar
    March 25: TPE Virtual Interview Scheduling Open
  • Mar
    March 25: TPE Virtual Begins
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  • Apr
    April 30: TPE Virtual Contacting of Candidates Ends
  • May
    May 01: TPE Summer Onsite 2020 Registration - Info Coming Soon
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  • Check out the TPE YouTube Channel for videos, webinars, and other resources to assist candidates in the job search and career development process! Past webinars from this fall can be found on the YouTube page including:

    Job Search 101
    Resume 101
    Navigating TPE on a Budget
    Candidate Orientation
    Navigating TPE with a Marginalized Identity

  • TPE Employers - Are you thinking about recruiting at TPE Onsite in Austin in March 2020? Are you unsure of what TPE Onsite encompasses? Join the TPE Employer Development team for a TPE 101 discussion in preparation of the registration.

    During this conversation we will discuss registration for TPE 2020 in Austin, explore assessment data from past employer attendees, and share what the Employer Development team has in store to support your recruitment efforts and onsite experience!

    You can view the webinar in the registration link below or here:

  • TPE Onsite: Spring 2020

    TPE Onsite: Spring 2020 begins in Austin, Texas.  TPE Onsite is the premiere job placement event. The 2020 event will be held from March 25 - March 28 in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center.  Averaging 900 candidates, this comprehensive placement event is the #1 cost-effective opportunity to screen and interview the top Student Affairs candidates in person.

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