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  • B’More!

    TPE Virtual is providing the platform for our field to be more. Be more visionary. Be more deliberate. Be more willing to share our narratives, take up space, and reclaim what is often taken advantage of or spoken on without permission. Be more committed to the work. Be more innovative. Be more courageous. Be more willing to understand the importance of developing and engaging with a critical consciousness of our past, present, and future.

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  • TPE at NASPA Question of the Day

    Join us in virtual connecttion by having a networking conversation…or two, about the QOTD and sharing your thoughts on our TPE Social Media using the hashtage #TPEStories

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  • Job Searching While [insert identity]

    Hear from practitioners about job searching with multiple intersecting identities.  This discussion focus on lived experiences, triumphs, and challenges faced during the job search process.

  • This virtual roundtable addresses how we are/should be supporting grad students during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Our four co-panelists are grad prep faculty members who will share how they are supporting their students during COVID-19; how they are guiding them in their job search during less than ideal economic conditions/hiring freezes; how professionals can support grad student staff within their departments; and how current events will impact how their programs prepare students for student affairs/housing work in the future.

  • Are my housing and residence life experience useful in different departments? Can I move from student conduct to student activities? What is the transition to a different department like? Join the Candidate Development Team to learn more about transitioning to a different department leveraging your current (and useful) skills! LAst year, 63% of TPE Onsite jobs were in Housing and Residence Life.  And, almost 40% were in other functional areas.  At TPE, you can apply for and interview for jobs in many different functional areas.  This session will feature a panel of student affairs professionals who will detail their experiences transitioning into and out of different departments so you can be more ready to interview for different types of positions. 

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