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  • Engaging and Guiding Candidates

    TPE Executive in Residence Post: TPE is for everyone and we have responsibilities as employers. I have attended TPE as a candidate twice and as an employer a number of times and each experience was incredibly different. The most important thing for me is that we all need to be present at TPE when we have opportunities available on our campuses. No matter what types of positions you have, every entry-level role has a place at TPE. The future of our field is in those waiting rooms and we can offer them more than just jobs.

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  • Tips for Recruiting at TPE

    TPE Executive in Residence Post: When seeking the ideal candidates to fill open professional staff positions, there are many considerations that should go into a well-planned search. A search at TPE provides unique opportunities and challenges for an employer just as it does for a candidate.

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  • TPE Continues to Evolve

    Over the last decade, the TPE partnership has evolved into a program that is built by student affairs professionals for student affairs professionals and has the capacity to meet the changing needs of our profession.

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  • TPE Onsite 2018: Boot Camp

    As a registered TPE Onsite candidate, The Placement Exchange invites you to an onsite session for additional guidance and advice on the TPE experience.

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  • Acing the Phone/Skype Interview

    Now is the time to prepare for your first-round phone or Skype interviews. Get advice from our panelists on how to answer and ask questions, sell your skills, and address common taboos.  In addition, you’ll get a chance to ask questions and gain multiple perspectives.

  • Networking isn’t about connecting your computer, phone, or tablet, per se. It’s about connecting.  There are numerous avenues candidates can take in connecting with potential employers and colleagues, be it at conferences, on campus, or through other colleagues. Did you know that you already have a “network”?  Utilizing your network can increase awareness of opportunities, connect you with potential champions, and benefit your job search. Gain insight from veteran professionals and employers on how to utilize the people you know…or may want to know.

  • Candidate Q & A: A Facebook Live Event!

    The TPE Candidate Development team wants to ensure you’re good to go!  Any questions that you have, we want to answer. If it didn’t fit anywhere else or you didn’t know who else to ask, we are here for you. You can ask questions during the live webinar, or submit questions ahead of time, and we’ll do our best to give you the best strategies to win big at TPE Onsite 2018! You can send questions to

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