2020-2021 TPE Event Planning Committee

The Placement Exchange (TPE) Planning Committee consists of several dedicated and experienced leaders within student affairs who are working tirelessly to create a wonderful onsite  experience fora candidates and employers. Led by a Chair and Chair-Elect, the TPE Onsite Planning Committee consists of 3 Committees: Candidate Development, Employer Relations, and the Ambassador Program. In addition to creating an engaging and high-quality onsite experience, the committee provides a variety of virtual resources via roundtables, educaitonal sessions, and blogs to candidates and employers prior to the spring event to help them thrive during TPE Spring.

In addition to the TPE Planning Committee, TPE cannot happen without the dedication of volunteers (TPE Ambassadors) to serve as facilitators, coaches, presenters, and more. Thank you to all who have volunteered to make TPE a success! We are currently seeking volunteers for a variety of important tasks; click the button below for information on volunteer opportunities and to apply.

Interested in Volunteering



Each January, approximately 10 TPE interns join the Planning Committee. TPE interns are current graduate students (typically first-year master grads) who excelled in the role of TPE Ambassador during the fall semester. Top ambassadors are selected to serve as TPE interns, working with the core committee to host this amazing event. TPE Interns not only assist with the planning and preparation of the TPE flagship event, but they attend the TPE event and serve in a variety of capacities onsite. To learn more about the TPE Ambassador/Intern Program, please email: ambassadors@theplacementexchange.org or visit https://www.theplacementexchange.org/conference/ambassadors/