TPE Virtual

 |  March 25 - 28

  • Joseph Bozzo | Candidate | Volunteer

    TPE Onsite is a vibrant, supportive, developmental, and invigorating opportunity for me as a candidate and volunteer.

    From the warm welcome at check-in to the genuine care exhibited by the coaches and presenters, I felt that I had all I needed to give it my all when it came time for my interviews.

  • Kelli Dowd | Candidate | Volunteer

    I managed to find multiple positions working with service and leadership programming and was able to find exactly the position I was looking for.

    Thank you TPE for showing me the interview ropes!

  • Tiffany Firestone | Candidate | TPE Intern

    I felt confident and excited to engage.

    I appreciated how positive everyone was and how much we all wanted the others to succeed. Thanks to TPE I found an incredible position that is a perfect fit. I wouldn't have known if it weren't for my ability to interview with so many institutions.

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TPE Virtual Onsite

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Regarding Travel to TPE

TPE Onsite Spring 2020 | March 25-28 | Virtual

TPE is launching TPE Virtual to take place during March 25-March 28, 2020.  

This virtual experience will allow interviews to take place as planned for all of our registered employers and registered candidates. To the extent possible with your campus commitments, we encourage all employers and candidates to keep their interviews as scheduled, utilizing our scheduling platform and online tools to schedule additional interviews. 

To launch a fully virtual TPE experience, we will also be incorporating our TPE Onsite educational programming (i.e. TPE Academy, Orientations, Roundtable Discussions, and Candidate Coaching) to take place in the virtual space making use of video conferencing technology. We will follow the Onsite schedule for both consistency and ease, and we encourage you to participate to the extent that your calendars permit. Note: All interviews scheduled through the TPE Scheduling System will take place in Central Daylight Time.

TPE Spring Onsite is so much more than a placement exchange, however. Our virtual onsite event this year includes career development, personal and professional exploration, and embodies the collaborative nature and inter-connectedness of our field. Our programs, services, and initiatives—career coaching, resume review, webinars, and educational sessions—are designed to strengthen the placement experience for all involved.

Future TPE Onsite Event dates include:

Spring 2021: March 17-20 | Kansas City, MO

Sponsored by seven national student affairs organizations, The Placement Exchange is the one-stop shop for Student Affairs positions. Whether it is your first job in Student Affairs, or your next step up the organizational ladder, your search for a new and exciting future begins here. 

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Welcome to TPE Onsite 2020!

On behalf of the TPE 2020 Committee and our partner associations, we are pleased to welcome you to the premiere Student Affairs and Higher Education placement exchange. We are honored that you selected The Placement Exchange as a foundational element in your job search.

"TPE is an opportunity for connection within our field, and is a great chance to meet new colleagues, learn from each other, and support others in the field. It is so much more than job placement - it is truly a space for genuine connections and relationship-building!"

Joshua M. Hartman, 2020 TPE Chair

TPE Onsite Job Listings

Institutions will interview at the TPE Onsite event to fill these positions.

There are two types of job posts on The Placement Exchange for which candidates may apply.

1) Standard Job Post: A position that is open for all TPE candidates to apply, regardless of registration for TPE Onsite Event. This is also referred to as an Online Job Post.

2) Event Job Post: A position that is open for all registered TPE Onsite candidates only to apply. Only candidates registered for TPE will be able to see full position details and have the opportunity to apply. This is also referred to as an Onsite Job Post.

For some positions, employers will accept applications from both registered and non-registered TPE Onsite candidates. If the position is viewable from your TPE account, you are eligible to apply.

New Conference Jobs