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Each year, we are excited to work with hundreds of institutions who have been posting positions with TPE since 2008. With the careful management of our year-round job board, planning of our event team, innovative technology, unmatched customer service, and over 1,000 candidates, TPE is a proven choice for securing first-rate candidates for your positions, teams, and institutions. 

Whether you need assistance with position marketing or candidate connections, or help navigating the renowned TPE Onsite annual career placement event, we aim to be your go-to crew. It is no accident that 99% of employers recommend TPE to their colleagues. We look forward to keeping our record strong and partnering with you to make this your best placement experience ever.

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TPE is the premiere job placement resource.

Since 2008, The Placement Exchange has focused on providing a high-quality, comprehensive job search experience which prepares candidates for every aspect of the search process. This effort is led by a team of professionals who are experts in our field and represent the numerous functional areas in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 

Through our commitment to excellence, strong customer service, professional development, and education, we devote our energy to building a positive, synergistic, innovative, and educational career placement experience for all TPE stakeholders.

ACUHO-I and NASPA team up to sponsor The Placement Exchange.  TPE has 3 main components: (1) year-round online and virtual career resources (TPE 365), (2) an online job board hosting over 2,000 jobs each year, and (3) TPE Onsite events, both the popular annual in-person Spring placement event and a new addition with the more intimate Summer TPE Onsite.

Join us in Austin for our Annual TPE Spring Onsite Event 

TPE is excited to head to Austin for  TPE 2020.  TPE Spring Onsite will take place from Wednesday, March 25 - Saturday, March 28, 2020.  Registration will open at 12pm EST on October 1. 
TPE Spring Onsite: The premier job placement event in Student Affairs.

TPE Spring Onsite provides an opportunity for employers to promote open positions, find great candidates, and conduct face-to-face interviews all in one location. TPE employers not only have access to hundreds of candidates, but also online resources and onsite amenities to better assist with the recruitment process.  TPE Onsite offers the benefit of numbers (employers, candidates, interviews), but also a quality experience with personalized attention and resources during a crucial time in the hiring process.

If you are looking to add staff to your department, we encourage you to start your recruitment process on the TPE Job Board and register and participate in the TPE Spring Onsite event for March 2020. 

For California schools unable to travel to the state of Texas, we are looking into virtual options.  Please check back shortly for an update.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TPE Spring Onsite 2020 Event Registration will open October 1 at 12 noon EST.

TPE Onsite accommodates the needs of employers to create the ideal interviewing environment to meet and connect with candidates.

by JAN 10
by FEB 14
Onsite Rate
after FEB 14
Registration Package includes:
  • (1) standard interview table 
  • (1) standard event job post credit
  • Access to Interview Hall for entire interview team
$395 $465 $565
For an additional cost, upgrade your registration package items from standard to premium.
Premium Event Job Post Credit
Premium Interview Booth



For an additional cost, add more items to your registration package.
Event Job Post Credit

Interview Table
   Standard Interview Table 
   Premium Interview Booth

Private Recruitment Reception
   Held on Wednesday, Thursday,
   and/or Friday









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