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  • Join the TPE candidate development team to get a full preview of this year’s candidate development initiatives.  You will learn about the webinars, résumé review, coaching, candidate orientation, virtual coaching, and more. You will also gain full access to previewing the TPE onsite event from the candidate’s point of view and some new things that we have in store!

  • Resume 101

    Need some assistance putting your résumé together?  Do you need more ideas on how to structure and format?  What are employers drawn to?  Join a panel of experts to hear their opinions about what stands out on visually appealing, content driven résumés.  Presented by Danielle Dimoff, Director of the Bowling Green State University Career Center.

  • Navigating TPE on a Budget

    Who are we kidding, this job search is going to cost you some money!  Come to learn more about how to navigate TPE and the job search on a fixed budget.  You will learn tips and tricks to save some money.  Featured presenters Derek Goeglein and Catherine Kellman.

  • Candidate Orientation

    As you prepare for TPE onsite, the candidate development team wants to help prepare you.  We will provide an overview of the onsite event and you can gain insider knowledge on what to expect in Los Angeles.

  • Navigating TPE with a Marginalized Identity

    As a person with a marginalized identity, the TPE experience may be challenging. Many people with marginalized identities going through the job search may experience, anxiety, imposter syndrome and even micro-agressions.  This webinar will focus on strategies that other professionals with marginalized identities have been able to use to navigate both TPE and the on-campus interview with success.  Featured presenters include: Kirby Gibson, Catherine Kellman, Edwin Serrano, Theresa McKire, and Nadir Sharif.

  • Candidate Q & A

    The candidate development team wants to make sure you are good to go!  Any questions that you have, we want to answer. If it didn’t fit anywhere else or you didn’t know who else to ask, we are here for you.  You can submit questions ahead of time to and we will do our best to give you the best strategies to win big at TPE 2019!

  • What is Professionalism - Facebook Live!!

    We hear it all the time right, make sure that you are professional? However, do we really know what that means? What does professionalism mean to you? How does one be “professional” through a job search, at TPE on site and in their daily work life? Come login into Facebook have a an authentic discussion with our presenters about this topic.