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  • This study engaged Students of Color in focus group interviews around their experiences finding support through their residence hall experiences. The key themes that emerged from these focus groups included the importance of community and people; geographic location of the residence halls; and the ways in which residence life supported students’ academic goals and achievements. In particular, the role of the live-in student staff member (Community Advisor) was an essential element to whether participants described their residence hall experiences as positive or negative. This session will present the findings of the study as well as providing insights in the participants’ own words about the role of residential living in their ability to build connections and find support at PWIs.

    Presenter: Michelle L. Boettcher, Assistant Professor, Clemson University

  • Job Searching as a Person of Color

    The TPE experience may be challenging for a person of color (POC). Many POCs going through the job search may experience, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and even micro-aggressions. Learn strategies that other POCs have been used to navigate both the TPE Onsite event and the on-campus interview with success.

  • TPE Onsite 2018: Candidate Q & A

    The TPE Candidate Development team wants to ensure you’re good to go! Any questions that you have, we want to answer. If it didn’t fit anywhere else or you didn’t know who else to ask, we are here for you. You can ask questions during the live webinar, or submit questions ahead of time, and we’ll do our best to give you the best strategies to win big at TPE Onsite 2018! You can send questions to

  • We hear it all the time right? Make sure that you’re professional. Do we really know what that means? What does professionalism mean to you? How is one “professional” through a job search, at the TPE Onsite event, and in their daily work life? Join our Facebook Live event and our SA panel for an authentic discussion on this topic.

  • Writing for Publication as a Practitioner

    This session will focus on helping aspiring authors take their ideas and transforms them into a publishable manuscript. The presenter will highlight challenges commonly faced, strategies for success, the role of persistence and patience in the publication process, and possible outlets for articles. In addition, participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and questions. The presenter will provide tips for success in getting published, with particular attention to publication outlets within NODA, particularly the Journal of College Orientation and Transition.

  • Flourishing at TPE Onsite

    The TPE Onsite event experience is exciting, dynamic benchmark for many SA professionals in their job search process. How do you “DO” TPE Onsite well? How many interviews should you have? Do you have time to eat? What should you wear? Experienced candidates and employers will share advice on how to make your time at TPE Onsite the most successful.

  • Acing the Phone/Skype Interview

    Now is the time to prepare for your first-round phone or Skype interviews. Get advice from our panelists on how to answer and ask questions, sell your skills, and address common taboos.  In addition, you’ll get a chance to ask questions and gain multiple perspectives.

  • Networking isn’t about connecting your computer, phone, or tablet, per se. It’s about connecting.  There are numerous avenues candidates can take in connecting with potential employers and colleagues, be it at conferences, on campus, or through other colleagues. Did you know that you already have a “network”?  Utilizing your network can increase awareness of opportunities, connect you with potential champions, and benefit your job search. Gain insight from veteran professionals and employers on how to utilize the people you know…or may want to know.