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  • Check out the TPE YouTube Channel for videos, webinars, and other resources to assist candidates in the job search and career development process! Past webinars from this fall can be found on the YouTube page including:

    Job Search 101
    Resume 101
    Navigating TPE on a Budget
    Candidate Orientation
    Navigating TPE with a Marginalized Identity

  • Considering attending TPE Onsite Event in Austin, Texas in March 2020? Heard some rumors about TPE from former participants and want to know what is fact versus myth? Want to learn more about how TPE can support you during your search? Join the Candidate Development team for a conversation on What TPE Can Do For You! Get to meet the candidate development team, debunk some TPE myths about the candidate experience, and learn about some resources and initiatives that the Candidate Development team has prepared for you!

    This event previously took place.  You can check out the recording here:

  • Are you recruiting for positions in 2020? Click the “Register” link below to review a previously recorded Employer Development Live session about the TPE recruitment process! (The original zoom discussion took place on Monday, October 28 at 2:00 PM EDT).  Watch to:
    - Get tips for developing your marketing strategies;
    - Learn how to build a recruitment team;
    - Create a sustainable recruitment timeline.

  • Are you recruiting for positions in 2020? Join TPE’s Employer Development team for a FREE virtual discussion about the Recruitment Cycle! This zoom live discussion will focus on the following aspects of the recruitment process:
    - Interview Structure, Questions, and Format
    - Training your Recruitment Teams
    - Creating and developing effective candidate communication plans

    Please pre-register if possible.  If you are unable to register in advance, you can join us via this link on Monday 11/18 at 2pm EST/11am PST by clicking here:

  • Not quite sure how to set up your candidate profile? At a loss of words for what to include in your blurb? Confused about how to quantify your years of experience? Join the Candidate Development Team as we show you how to make your TPE Profile shine! Join us Wednesday, November 20 at 7:30 PM EST/4:30 PM PST to:

    - Learn how to navigate the TPE Profile dashboard and other settings
    - Receive an overview of the TPE website
    - Create a stellar blurb
    - Organize your various experiences in your candidate profile
    - Upload supplemental photos and documents to your profile (i.e. headshot, resume, cover letter, etc.)

    Please pre-register if possible.  If you are unable to register in advance, you can join us via this link on Wednesday, November 20 at 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST: 

  • Not sure how TPE award process works? ?Wanting to save money during a job search? Potential aid for candidates? Join the Candidate Development Team as we give an overview of TPE candidate funding award!
    We will be presenting information about the candidate funding award to potential TPE candidates. Our intention with this session will be to outline the award process and potential aid, in addition to detailing some money-saving tips for the TPE experience.

  • Are my housing and residence life experience useful in different departments? How is the transitioning to a different department like? Join the Candidate Development Team to learn how to transition into a different department and how your skills can still be useful!
    In this session, a few student affairs professionals will be detailing their experiences transitioning into our out of different departments. As a popular myth dictates that TPE is all for Housing and Residence Life opportunities, this session will encourage candidates that their housing and residence life experience is relevant, and their experiences outside of that functional area can be relevant in housing. In addition, by having panelists present this topic, candidate participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of more SA Pros.