Greetings! We are so pleased to serve you as the 2022-2023 Candidate Development Subcommittee.  Our goal is to serve all candidates who are searching for their next step within student affairs by providing year-round programming and resources.  We are a team of four current student affairs professionals from a range of institutions who support each of the following groups: Undergraduate Candidates, Incoming Professionals, and Current Professionals.

Undergraduate Candidates: Finding a job right after your bachelor’s degree can be a lot to manage. You may be considering full-time work, part-time work, graduate degrees and so on. We are here to provide resources and guidance as you navigate your next steps. There is no “right” way into student affairs, and we are excited nonetheless that you are considering this career path during your undergraduate years. My goal is to support Undergraduate Candidates with any of their anticipated paths. – IC Ulep

Incoming Professionals: We’re thrilled to work with professionals who are entering the field from graduate school.  We know it can be an exciting time to be searching for your new professional home as you work toward the culmination of your graduate degree.  We aim to provide resources, workshops, and blog posts that will assist you in your search, ranging in topics from interview tips to negotiation skills and more.  It is our goal to assist Incoming Professionals with the search and transition to full-time employment within the field of student affairs. – Courtney Rufh & Jeremiah Emiliani-Salois

Current Professionals: As a current professional, we look forward to helping you fine-tune your needs and expectations as you progress in your career.  Finding the right match between you and your future employer is an important partnership to help with longevity and success in the field.  We will also help you explore other employment opportuntities, drawing on transferable skills you may bring to a different focus of Student Affairs. – Raymond Gordon

Additional Resources

Best of luck with your search this year!

  • IC Ulep, Undergraduate Candidate Development
  • Courtney Rufh & Jeremiah Emiliani-Salois, Incoming Professional Candidate Development
  • Raymond Gordon, Current Professional Candidate Development