It is time to re-imagine your hiring process. Even Beyonce switched things up in her newest album Renaissance, which serves as a great reminder for us to not rest on our laurels. As we continue to witness a global shift with the job market that has made its way to hiring within our field, it begs us to push ourselves to new approaches and break up with “this is how we have always done things.” 

We know the process of hiring and staff selection can be very task oriented with a lot of deadlines. The job description that needs to be edited or written, interview scripts, the spots you have to fill, the job boards you will post on, the exchanges you will attend to get the best candidates along with showing up for your regular daily tasks- it is overwhelming, we know.

If you are open to making changes to your process but do not know where to start, channel these three songs from Renaissance to help you reflect on the questions below. 

  1. Break My Soul- How can your department meet the expectations of your candidates and tailor positions accordingly?
  2. Move- What skills are needed by your team for the long and short term? 
  3. Cozy- Beyond the fluff, why is the experience within your department one that candidates will truly value? (what needs to be changed?)

Any renaissance begins with deep reflection, even Beyonce took some time to curate her next masterpiece as she traversed genres.