The Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) has developed standards for 50 functional areas within higher education, including student affairs. These standards include a section on HUMAN RESOURCES. As we enter into the academic year, TPE wants to remind you that having a plan for staffing and support is equally as important as your overall strategic plan. VPSAs, senior leaders of various functional areas, and hiring managers within functional areas, should consider giving prioritized attention to:

  • Collecting data on the life cycle of personnel and metrics to capture trends pertaining to workforce sustainability to support staffing strategies
  • Implementing an intentional and measurable plan for continuous talent sourcing and personnel recruitment
  • Establishing and facilitating training and development for personnel

As the methods and practices for recruiting, retaining, and advancing talent in our field continue to evolve, achieving success requires an active approach from student affairs leadership along with a strong partnership with campus HR teams. Candidates interviewing for senior-level leadership positions should be able to discuss a philosophy for sustaining a workforce under their leadership. Additionally, they should be able to identify potential strategies for adopting new and innovative methods for recruiting, attracting talent, supporting hiring managers, and cultivating a work environment that can tell a compelling  story in the employment marketplace. If you or your team would like a consult with TPE to discuss your plan for this year, let us know. We are here to support your success! [Read More]