Drake once said, “Nothing was the same…” Then he continued to rap at length (a full album) about looking back on the life he had before his introduction to stardom. Drake admits that since stardom, nothing is what it used to be. Not his privacy, his personal wellbeing habits, or his coping mechanisms. Moreover, his relationships are not the same either. Friends have come and gone. The ability to trust making new acquaintances who then become friends is suspect too. If that isn’t enough, the industry he worked so very hard to get into is now the industry he’s suspicious of – the deals, the politics, the expectations and negotiations. Drake admits he has made mistakes and had missteps. And, more often than not, he has avoided reflection (until now) and has been rather stubborn to admit his own shortcomings. This full album of reflection is an emotional, vulnerable, personal look at what life looks like when everything changes.

As we all reflect on the current state of our profession, we might be able to find some parallels between Drake’s situation and ours. Since the onset of the pandemic, our lives – professional and personal – have changed drastically. To work in HESA has meant accepting that, to a certain extent, nights and weekends are given to student engagement, programming, residential living and more. However, over the course of the past 22 months we experienced changes that would make us say working in this field is not what it used to be. Crisis and pressure caused and/or revealed politics and decision making that challenge trust between universities, employees, parents, and stakeholders. Expectations are higher and more vast than they have ever been.  In many instances, this has pushed organizations and individuals to negotiate incongruence and misalignment with their missions, visions, and values. The impact has been injurious. Personal losses and deaths of loved ones coupled with fatigue and burnout are causing a large portion of the workforce to look for work in other industries. Those who remain are tasked with gap-filling, triaging, and desperately trying to plug the hemorrhaging holes on their teams. Nothing is what it used to be, but the work we do is no less important or necessary. In fact, it may be more needed now than ever. So, how do we as a profession move forward after everything changes? Connect with us this month and share your thoughts via social media. Then, join us Thursday, January 27, at 12PM EST as we discuss the question: “How Do We Move Forward After Everything Changes?”2

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