Ghosting (noun: ghos-ting)- the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation. 

Halloween season is far from over and applying for a job should not feel like swiping on a dating app. We know that follow up with candidates varies based on the campus, but can we commit to some transparency when possible? It’s the least we can do for candidates who are tailoring resumes and cover letters for positions within our departments. Remember, this is often a nerve-wracking and stressful process for them so knowing where they stand helps to alleviate some of that. 

Aside from being disrespectful, ghosting is an unprofessional practice that can tell a lot about an employer. “Oh, you applied to xyz school, I applied and never heard back after the first interview”, no one wants that bad reputation. The practice of ghosting also probably does not live up to your university and department’s mission. It also tells a lot about how an employee or even student on your campus may be treated. We understand, we cannot advance every candidate and no one is expecting you to, we just want to emphasize closing the loop on communication at each step. It’s the decent thing to do. It may help to set a deadline, “we won’t let 4-5 days pass without following up with a candidate”, some accountability metrics ahead of time may be helpful when it gets busy, 

As you think about getting ready for The Placement Exchange virtual event, take time to carefully craft how each step of the process will look and should feel like for candidates. From them applying, acknowledgement of their application, invitation to interview at each round and the down time between them. It’s okay if these responses are not tailored for each candidate but atleast having a draft allows you to be prepared as you are hiring alongside all your other job responsibilities. Also remember that today’s job market is competitive with many options for potential candidates, be sure to act quick when you find a candidate you like.