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  • Hiring The Right Boss

    Supervision is a two-way street. Like any relationship, we all have different styles, expectations, wants, and needs. This article encourages job seekers to do some self-reflection and preparation to ensure their first job is a good match for both the future employer and prospective employee.

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  • Finding The Right Fit

    When beginning a job search, we typically have criteria by which we evaluate job postings. To meet those criteria, we search for the “right” job. Although our previous and current experiences provide considerable data, we can never be certain if a different institutional type or a change in organizational unit will be the experience that suits us best. This article explores a model for considering the concept of “fit” and human resource practices on a broader level.

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  • Join Us For Dinner!

    TPE Onsite candidates are invited to the Hard Rock Café Indianapolis on Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 pm. Good food and good company!

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  • Step Up With TPE and NASPA!

    ​Looking for an easy way to serve the community while you’re job searching at TPE Onsite? By joining the NASPA/TPE Step Challenge, you can help to battle hunger in Southeast Indiana just by moving your body. Have fun and help us meet our goal!

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  • “It’s Not You…It’s Me”: Removing Oneself from the Job Search Process

    fter TPE Onsite concludes, both candidates and employers are working to sort out their “love at first interview” and “thanks, but I’m not interested” feelings. Realizing that you don’t connect with an institution can be one of the most difficult parts of being in the search process. Removing yourself from their process can be challenging, but being transparent can ease some of the stress.

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